Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 14 ~ 5 Strengths

Describe 5 strengths you have:

  1. I am extremely smart when it comes to matters of the heart; I can lift anyone up and make them laugh.  I feel like I give good advice when it comes to matters of the ♥.
  2. I put my family first; I love them with all my might.  They are what is most important to me in this life, and it shows.
  3. I am a great friend to have.  I love hard and am overprotective of my Peeps.  I have probably 10 best friends and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them.  I’m always just a shout, a text, or a phone call away.  I’d drop what I was doing to help a friend in need.
  4. Laughter.  They say laughter is the best medicine.  I can make people look at the stupid side of things and get them to laugh; especially in a tense situation.
  5. I can take charge in an emergency situation.


Here is the list I’m working off of if you care to join in the fun:



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