Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 12 ~ My typical day

Describe a typical day in your current life:

My day is nothing typical as I work the night shift at my job.  I get home at approximately 7a and my “day” begins.  I feed the dogs and let them out, if I’m feeling up to it I take them for a much-needed walk.  I clean the dishes and tidy up a bit before going to bed.  Throughout the day I receive texts from my husband and my daughter (who is a Marine stationed in Japan right now) and reach out to them.  I usually wake up around 3pm and let the dogs out and feed them again.  Then we (the pups and I) go back to bed and fall asleep until it’s time to get up for work.  Sadly, I do not get to spend very much time with my husband or son’s – my daughter-in-law or my granddaughter on my work days which are Sunday-Thursday but once the weekend hits it’s a different story.

This weekend I’m excited to be going to the Michigan Dunes (Warren State Park) AGAIN with my DIL and just myself.  No kids this time which means plenty of adult time together.  We even got a hotel room.  I spend a lot of my weekends at the beach in the summer.

A typical day at the beach is leaving at around 9am for the 1 hour 40 minute drive.  Stopping at the grocery store approximately 20 minutes from the beach and stocking up on essentials and then hitting the beach for the entire day until sunset.  I love to sit on the beach and read a good book, or build sand castles with my granddaughter.  I love to swim in Lake Michigan because I don’t have to worry about sharks, or other sea creatures yet you get the feel of being at the ocean.  It’s one of the Great Lakes and all you see is the clouds, the horizon and water- what a beautiful sight it is to take in.


Here’s the list I’m working off of, please feel free to join in the fun 🙂



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