Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 8 ~ Passions

What are 5 passions you have?

  • I love to create art out of nothing. Whether it be a drawing or mixed media ~ I love to invent new things.  Drawing birds, trees, anything nature related.  I’m passionate about nature.
    • BIRD1
  • I love my 2 dachshunds; Cozmo & Bella (a.k.a. Delicious and Bellie Boo). I love the breed and I think I have two of the sweetest dogs on the planet.  They are extremely loving and cuddly.
  • Writing; getting things out of my head onto paper (i.e. my blog) ~ journaling.
  • I am passionate about my sleep; I love my bed. I love my bedroom and I adore my sleep.
  • Music, I think it’s what makes the world go ‘round. Whether I’m in a great mood, or a down mood ~ music is always there to lift you up or help you express how you feel.


Here is the list I’m working off of, please feel free to join in the fun 🙂



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