Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 6 ~ Hardest thing you have ever experienced?

What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

When I was pregnant with my first son, I had Preeclampsia and was on bed rest for the last month of my pregnancy.  My husband became critically ill when I had two weeks until my due date.  He became so ill, in fact that he was hospitalized for mono.  I remember being scared sick about my husband because they didn’t know if he had hepatitis or mono so I decided against Dr.’s orders and went to the hospital to visit my husband.  I stopped at the convenient store and grabbed him some magazines and headed over.  At that time, it felt like I walked a mile to get to his hospital room.  I was so relieved to see my husband but at the same time told him, “I think I’m in labor.  My belly keeps tightening.  I feel like I need to leave now” and walked to my car and went to my parent’s house just a few miles away.  Nobody was home at my parent’s house.

I noticed the pains were coming closer and closer.  I received a call from my best friend Dawne and told her, “I think I need to go, I think I’m in labor”.  I called my Dr.’s office and told them my contractions were 2 minutes apart.  They advised that I get to the hospital asap.  I called my sister Martha and she got to Mom & Dad’s house in record time taking me to the hospital where I was in labor without my Lamaze coach (my husband, who was hospitalized at the same facility on a different floor).  My mom was there shortly thereafter.  I had the worst OB delivery Dr. ever- talk about a miserable bed-side manner.

I writhed in pain.  I forgot everything we learned in Lamaze class and just began to scream.  My sister was talking with my husband on the phone while I was in labor and screaming, he heard my screams and stated he needed to hang up because he couldn’t listen to me in pain like that.  I was terrified and to top it off the Dr. was a complete ass.  I grabbed the Dr.’s hand because I knew I was getting close and held his hand and said, “Please do not leave me” and he assured me he wouldn’t.  With that, he turned around and walked right out of the room.  I went into hard labor 2 minutes later screaming for that Dr. to get back into my room and he delivered my son.

It only took 3 hours from start to finish and it was the scariest time in my life to not have my best friend and husband in the room with me.  I was worried about my husband but also worried about what was happening to my body.  When the Dr. layed my son on top of me RIGHT after birth, I asked him to please take him away as I was shaking profusely and in shock.  This did not go down as I had planned.  Of course after they cleaned the little guy up and handed me my bundle I was full of sheer joy – – and we bonded.  But I was still sad and worried about my husband.  It was later determined that he had mono.  He had to wear a face mask for the first month of our son’s life.  It was killing him because he just wanted to kiss our sweet baby David.


The look on my mother and sister’s face as my son was being born was priceless.  Absolutely priceless.  My mother had 12 children of her own but she had never seen one be born before and I know there will always be that memory of her actually being there to witness my son’s birth.

The next day we were all released from the hospital but I’d never want to go through that again without my husband by my side and I’m glad he was there when I had our twins 4 years later.  That was definitely the most difficult time in my life that I can recall.



Here’s the list I’m working on if you’d like to join in on the fun 🙂



8 thoughts on “Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 6 ~ Hardest thing you have ever experienced?

      1. The closest I’ve ever been to that was when our oldest threw up all over the car, his seat, himself just after my husband dropped me off at the hospital entrance to check in. I’d started pushing out our second oldest by the time he managed to get everyone clean. He showed up just in time. I’m so glad your hubby was there for the twins! And what blessing that your mom was there. I’m sure she cherished that moment.

      2. Lolololol….I remember watching a video of a birth in my Lamaze class….keep in mind I was 16, and already scared…I said ‘My vagina just peed itself’…silence filled the room until one mom to be laughed. I was mortified that I said it. I think I cried the whole way home. Yes, I peed myself lol

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