Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 3 ~ Describe your relationship with your parents

Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 3 ~ Describe your relationship with your parents

I am one of 12 children raised by Robert and Joan.  Being raised in a large family is a wonderful experience.  Unfortunately my father passed away in ’04 and I love and miss him every day.  My mom is still with us, God bless her sweet heart.

Growing up with my father he was extremely hard-working and strict.  He was as loving as he could be between multiple jobs (at one point), maintaining the house and yard, going to Church, and his hobbies; which included fishing, and doing projects around the house.  Our house growing up was enormous!  I’d say the years mellowed my father, especially as the grand-kids started making their appearances; we were able to see more of his soft side.  When he retired he was around more often (obviously) and my relationship with him was one of complete admiration on my part.  He was always so happy to see my kids and would make a big deal out of them.  He even kept a little drum of Tootsie Rolls by his recliner and passed them out to all the grand-kids.  His favorite holiday was the 4th of July and he hosted all of the parties for this holiday.  He spent countless hours preparing everything to make sure it was perfect and we always had a great time.  My father was not the type to say, “I love you” or “I’m sorry” because that was just the way he was raised yet I always knew he loved me very much.  I’d still always hug him and tell him I love him regardless.  Even as a young child I knew he loved me, how could he not – working all those hours to support 12 kids?  I loved our yearly trips to Fish Lake and what a chore that must have been for him to get all of us rounded up for a day at the beach?  Where he’d grill hamburgers and hot dogs and we’d swim.  He also taught me how to fish, he loved to go fishing so much.  I miss him always and think of him often.  I love you dad!


My mother was the “lover” of the pair.  She was constantly there for a kiss, a hug, and an “I love you” – even singing us little songs that she made up.  My mom and I are extremely close and I think of her as a Saint.  She has got to be the most patient person on this planet to have successfully raised 12 kids and lived to tell about it.  LOL.  My mother and I talk all the time and even though she is 86 years young you would never know it.  She still does water aerobics twice weekly and is enjoying her life to the fullest.  I enjoy visiting with her and listening to her stories and making her laugh.  She is hilarious, has a wicked sense of humor but is an extremely devout Catholic Christian woman.  I love that she is always there for me and visa versa.  I love that she has been and always will be my biggest cheerleader; I can confide anything in her.  She is loving, caring, understanding, patient, encouraging and beautiful inside and out.  I admire my mother for so many reasons.  I’ve been cleaning my mom’s house on the weekends and I cannot tell you what I get out of it, it’s a chance to bond and hang out together.  We can sit for hours on end in-between chores and gab like there’s no tomorrow.  My mother has always been on my side.  No matter what has happened to me in my life, I know I can depend on her to have my back.  She’s there with sage advice and always takes my side.  Even if the hubs and I get into a fight, I can confide in her and she’ll always take my side.




This is the list I’m going off of, if you care to join in 🙂



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