Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 2 ~ 3 legitimate fears you have

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears:

  • My fear of Alligators: Started when vacationing in Florida.  It was foreign to me that they even had alligators there.  My niece asked if we wanted to rent a boat and go out on the water and I just could not do it knowing those creatures were in the water too.  While I love to watch nature shows about alligators because they fascinate me, I am absolutely petrified of them.


  • Legitimate fears? Maybe this next one may not be “legitimate” to some, it’s very real to me due to my OCD and is my fear of not doing the rituals I’ve always done (i.e. leaving for work at a certain time, counting my footsteps, not being able to use my cruise control, ETC.).  This reared its ugly head back when I was 21 years old and I’ve been plagued by it ever since.  I must do things in a certain order.  When I don’t, I feel out of sorts.
  • Fear of re-occurring depression: I have suffered a few major setbacks in my life where clinical depression is concerned and have been feeling rather well for the past few years.  I fear this will massive depression will come back and take me down.



If you care to join in, here is the list I’m working off:



2 thoughts on “Writing/Blogging Challenge Day 2 ~ 3 legitimate fears you have

  1. I feel your fear with OCD. I am the same way with so many things. In fact, I can’t start doing your challenge you’re doing until the 22nd, because the 2nd has already passed. I get a mental block when I try and do things differently and an immense sense of panic sets in. It’s awful.

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