Happy 4th of July Peeps!

On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England, an event which eventually led to the formation of the United States. Each year on July 4th, also known as Independence Day, Americans celebrate this historic event.


This is just one of the many floral arrangements that can be found at my place of work.  The flower company always does such nice work and I enjoy taking pictures.

This year we celebrated our family party on the 3rd of July because the 4th falls on a Sunday; tomorrow.  We celebrated as a family at Joe and Laurie’s (my brother and SIL’s house) in fabulous style.  Barbecue grill going cooking up brats, Italian sausage, and burgers.  Great music pumping through loud speakers outback on a gorgeous 2 tier deck with the sun shining and the temperature at a perfect 80 degrees.  The kids playing horseshoes and folks taking a break to swing on the hammocks.


My sweet husband Scott and myself.  Enjoying visiting with family.  This year was quiet because my sister Carol and her brood opted to go out of town for the holiday with all of her grand-kids; it was more of an “adult” crowd party which made it even more relaxing.


My son Zachary and myself.  I’m so glad he decided to come to the party.  It’s really not his thing but he joined in this year and I think he had a nice time too.


Last but not least, my mother and I enjoying our time together.  I picked her up this year as it’s getting harder and harder for her to drive.  I also took her home and we snuck out a little early this year so I could get home and catch a cat-nap before working the overnight shift tonight.

I’m wishing you all a lovely 4th of July; wishing you lots of love, happiness, celebration with friends and family on this Birthday of America.



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