Beach Bums & Best Friends


Well, I went to the beach Saturday early morning with my friend Sue and it was magnificent.  You know how you know you have a great friend?  When a trip that normally takes 1 hour 40 minutes takes 4 hours due to insanely congested traffic but you barely notice because you are too busy talking and laughing.

When you get to the beach and it’s supposed to be 80 degrees but only ends up being in the 70’s with a chilly breeze and it’s too cold to even swim but you still have fun just being two bums on the beach together.  Sitting in comfy chairs and talking and laughing.  Enjoying hard salami, cheese, and crackers with fresh cold cherries playing “spit the pit”.  We are so juvenile. So immature and dumb, and loving every minute of it 🙂

Here’s a pic I took as we stayed to watch the sunset before heading home.  Life is good when you have good friends!



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