My Lemon Heads :)

You know what I think is so interesting?  That each of us has our own story to tell.  You don’t have to be Oprah or a famous person to matter in this world.  We all count, each and every one of us.  We all have our own unique life story.  I love getting to know people and learn about their life.  I noticed too that we share a common thread; sometimes it’s not always a happy story and that’s incredible that we have the ability to commensurate and share.

How nice it is to know you are not alone in this world.  That there is someone out there who can understand your struggles and your happiness.  I think it’s more important to have people out there that can relate to your story and help you make some sense of it.


I have been so blessed in my life to be surrounded by good friends and family.  I wrote friends first because they are the family to me that I didn’t get to “pick” for myself ~ yet God put them in my life and I feel like they are my family; my sisters.  I don’t know what I’d ever do without them.  They don’t judge me on choices I’ve made in the past, they accept me for the ever evolving ANNEBELLA that I have become and they love me unconditionally.  I can count them on two hands but know how fortunate I am to have each and every one of them.

Each of our lives has purpose,  each story IS important, our dreams count and our voice does matter.  I do believe we were born to make an impact and I believe that’s achieved by the connections that we make and showing love to all.

I use to blog quite frequently until fb took over and slowly all of our blogs vanished.  I was with a team of 5 women that I have grown to love and adore.  They are my sisters.  We’ve known each other for roughly 8 years now and although I’ve never met them we still chit-chat daily on fb.  I started blogging again because I need this outlet to let my thoughts flow free.

Thanks to these blog friends, and the new ones that I have made ~ I have grown by leaps and bounds.  I’m so grateful to Heather, Trisha, Joanie, Lisa, and Cally.  I’m also grateful to my new friends that I’ve made here, specifically Kim.  You never know how good life is until you meet a kindred soul that accepts you for exactly who you are and makes you realize all of your potential.  If you had told me that I would have “internet friends” 10 years ago I wouldn’t have believed you but the bond that we formed is unbreakable.

They raise me up and I consider them to be my best friends in this life.  My goal is to one day meet them in person and thank them for being there for me.

Heather:  True blue.  Honest and funny.  Beautiful inside and out.  Always knows what to say and has such empathy and caring built into her soul.  A believer in God which gives me great hope.  I love that she is always there checking up on me to make sure I’m alright.  She knows my struggles and keeps tabs on me to make sure I’m on the straight and narrow. When I’m down she is always there to pick me up.  One of the things I admire about her most is her zest for life.  I’ve never met anyone like her before- there is rarely a concert she misses or an outing that she passes up and I feel as though I live my life vicariously through her.  I wish I had 1/10th of her energy.  The love that she has for her daughter’s blows me away ~ I’ve never met a more involved parent or one that is such a strong pillar for them to lean on.  Heather is a success story – she has made it on her own and came out stronger for it.  I admire my friend and am sooo soooo lucky to have her be a part of my life.  I love you Heather and thank you for being there for me consistently through the years.

Trisha:  Where do I even begin?  This gorgeous woman full of surprises.  She is so talented; in art, cooking, and writing.  Highly intelligent and I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone that just KNOWS exactly what to say in any given situation.  Her advice is sage and trustworthy.  It’s as if I am sitting down drinking a cup of coffee when conversing with her online because that is how authentic she is.  Her love of cooking amazes me, it is shared by her lovely bf Brian who I have also come to know and love.  What an amazing couple.  Trisha can take anything and turn it into something beautiful.  She has great love for her family and grandkids. A creative at heart and her artwork is amazing.  Lover of wine and all things good; such as live bands and socializing.  I love to hear her stories about hanging out with her friends.  A person that lives for the day and is enjoying her new life with Brian and that makes my heart happy.   I feel like I could tell Trisha anything and she would understand or try to help me make sense of it.  What a special soul with the mad ability to put others at ease.  She puts her family first and I admire her for all that she is and all that she has become to me in life.  Thank you Trisha, I love you with all my heart dear sweet friend.

Lisa:  OMG, funny woman!  Hilarious beyond belief!  Hardworking sweet soul and always with a smidge of snark.  Highly intelligent and up to date on current affairs with a much appreciated opinion of her own.  Always a different take on something which gives me pause for thought.  I need that in my life.  Lisa is beautiful inside and out.  A quick learner and making it on her own.  The love that she has for her two kids is inspiring to me.  The relationship that they have is a bond and so special- I admire that bond.  Lisa can take anything serious and make me laugh, she has a quick-witted sense of humor that makes my heart happy.  She is one that cannot be pushed around and I know she always has my back.  All I have to do is give the word and I have someone on my side ready to defend me.  Lisa and I have completely different religious views and yet I have the utmost mad respect for her beliefs.  I know she is a lover of nature and earth, she has made so many positive changes in her life.  The love she has for her German Shepherd is amazing and watching their bond grown and his skill set grow leaps and bounds has been so fun to see.  Makes me wish our pups could meet 🙂  Lisa I feel like we are connected on such a deep level- and although we’ve never met I plan on making that happen sooner than later since we live the closest.  One of these weekends!  Love you girl, thank you for being such an integral part of my life; I adore you just the way you are!

Joan:  Funny as hell.  I love Joanie so much because she is so honest.  Always a calm source and one to look to for sound solid advice.  Always a cheerleader and accepts me just the way I am.  You cannot shock Joan and she doesn’t waiver – just true blue and always there with real words to calm the soul.  Joan is a lover of the island where she lives and a lover to her grandkids and amazing children.  She jokes about things in her life and it always brings a smile to my face.  I’m hoping and praying for only good things for you Joan, now and always.  I love this beautiful woman, she is gorgeous inside and out.  Joan is always looking for things to entertain her grandbabies, I would have killed to have a Grandmother like her!  She cares so deeply for her family and is always there to support and love them.  Joan is also a creative soul.  The ink drawings that she makes are mind-blowing.  I love that she enjoys creative scrapping and I miss seeing her work; it’s been a while Joanie 🙂  I love that Joan is nosy, the things she says and does make me laugh.  Joan has always been there for me on a consistent basis and I just don’t know how much luckier I can get having a friend in her.  I imagine great times on the beach with Joan if we were fortunate enough to live near one another- we’d be fighting the seagulls for our sandwiches.  LOL!  I love you Joan and consider myself so lucky to have you be a part of my life.  I thank you for always being a constant.  XOXOXOXO

Cally:  Although we do not have the privilege of knowing one another that well, from what I have gathered though the years is that you are solid.  Solid as a rock and absolutely stunning inside and out.  A stellar woman with hard work ethic and mad love for her family.  I love that you are always there with a kind word or an “atta girl” – I love that you know who you are and what you stand for.  I love that you are so confident.  I can take something from each of you, but from you I can take walking with a little pep in my step knowing you are just a text or fb msg away.  I can confide in you and know you’ll be there with great advice and you are always sympathetic to others.  I also feel strongly that you are one that knows what she is talking about.  One of those people who always knows WHAT to say.  I have trouble in that area and I’m working at it so I’m always in awe at your vast wisdom.  I love your sense of humor and am so glad to be part of the group with you.  I’m so glad we met and look forward to getting to know you better each and every day.  Love you Cally and am always wishing the best for you!!! XOXOXO {{{HUGS}}}

Kim:  Wow, what can I say ~ who knew I’d find another “keeper” at my new blog but that’s exactly what has happened.  Someone so funny and wise.  Your writing takes my breath away with all its beauty!  You may not know it, but you too- are beautiful inside and out and I felt an instant connection with you.  We are just starting our friendship but I look forward to what the future brings.  I find it hilarious the comments that you make- another one with quick wit (something that I severely lack and wholeheartedly appreciate) because it makes me LOL.  You have an uncanny ability to read between the lines and your comments are always so thorough and thoughtful.  I love that we share our Christian beliefs and that I can always count on you to remind me when I’m down that He is here.  I also appreciate your colorful language and that I can just be myself and you accept me for who I am.  I love that you are trying so hard, especially through hard times to be the mom and wife that you know you are capable of being. I think about you and pray for your well-being and am so glad that we met this way.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  You really should look into writing a book- your writing and blog post titles are so creative and take the reader to another place.  {{{HUGS}}}

So, there it is.  Just thought I’d let the world know how much you all mean to me.  I keep this blog as a journal and I want my family to know also how important you are to me.  I really do consider you all my sisters.

Much love always,



7 thoughts on “My Lemon Heads :)

  1. And Anne ~ a gorgeous woman who loves her family above everything else. You are one hell of a funny lady! As for talent, you blow my mind. You have the voice of an angel and your drawings are amazing! I thank God often for making you cross my life line.

    1. Thank you JAM, I just want to be sure you know how I feel; how much I love you and how glad I am to have you for a sister. Thank you for your kind words/ they warm my heart. Aren’t I the lucky one?

  2. OK, you made me cry. Damn you! But they were tears of happiness. To know I have a friend out there who loves me and cares about what happens to me is food for the soul. You girls keep me going, give me strength, and make every day worth getting up for even when I haven’t slept because I know I can go to you and be whiny and you will say things that take it all away. You are the first ones I go to when things go south and I need some kind words. You are always there like the dirt on my rug. Weird. That’s the first analogy that came to my head. I guess it’s because the dirt is always there (I don’t vacuum). I should probably come up with a better one. But with you girls it doesn’t matter because you always understand what I am trying to get at. Yes, we will meet and it better be soon because I don’t want to see you with an oxygen canister hanging from my belt. And that day isn’t far off. Someone needs to win the lottery so we can have a meet up. I truly love you, Anne. You are cheeky, somewhat crazy ( a good thing), loving, and honest. You tell it like it is. You don’t take crap from anyone. I wish I could hug you right now but if you were here I know I would cry.

    1. Awwww Joan~ this made me feel so warm and fuzzy. I feel the same abt our little group- always there in good times and bad- a place I cherish. I don’t know what I’d do without you and I don’t even want to imagine it. Life is so hard at times and I consider myself so lucky to have such a tight knit family is sisters. Muah! Love you Joan!

  3. Anne, your words were so loving and sweet, JUST LIKE YOU! I have watched you grow in so many ways these past few years. You have always been talented as hell and loving and beautiful but with each year I also see you maturing in your love for yourself! Thank goodness!
    I’ve heard you say negative things about yourself in the past and wanted to shake you like a rag doll and tell you that THAT is not at all who you are.
    It makes my old heart glad to see your confidence in yourself grow. You seem so much more comfortable in who you are and where you’re going and you know what? That makes you even more beautiful!
    You have the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen and it suits you!
    I hope that you continue to blog and to draw and to sing! These things help define you, too! And you are so good at all of them! Your kids have a mother they can be proud of!
    Thank you for writing those loving words.
    I love you.

    1. You’ve seen me grow in a good way because I have excellent friends that are great examples of what real quality women are. I’m the lucky one. I meant every word of what I wrote and am just blessed to have you in my life. We have not met in person, any of us but we had a meeting of the mind which is awesome and meeting in person will be the icing on the cake!

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