Despite picking up an extraordinary amount of overtime at work, I did manage to get to the Michigan Dunes on Friday (6/10) with my eldest son David and my beautiful granddaughter Aniya.  It was 100 degrees and sunny but gorgeous out.  THAT my friends is my most favorite place to be – the Warren Dunes.  It’s like looking at an ocean but knowing it’s just a whopping big lake and I can go in and not worry about sharks or other sea creatures 🙂

I can sit in that chair and watch my granddaughter build sandcastles and swim with her and just enjoy the fresh air and lake breeze.  David and I had excellent conversation on our long drive there.  Usually I go everywhere with my DIL but she had to work so it was just my son and I which has not happened in a very long time and to talk with him and hear him laugh was fantastic.  I think we needed that alone time.  I know we needed that alone time to bond again.

For lunch we wanted to stop at Jimmy John’s but when we got there is was closed for 2 more hours.  We hit the jackpot as there was a Jewel Grocery Store across the street and instead opted for salami, cheese, and crackers – along with cookies and other snack food.  I’m so glad it worked out that way.  Aniya enjoyed her lunch on the beach.  We stayed for 6 hours and surprisingly this time I did not get fried to a crisp.  David, however, fell asleep in the chair and his legs were in the sun- he was burned badly.  Poor thing.

All and all, a brilliant day spent with two of the great loves of my life;  David and Aniya.



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