Last week I spent some time in NC with my DIL and granddaughter visiting my daughter Lexi before she deploys.  She is in the USMC.  We spent a lot of quality time together at the beach and out for lunch and dinner.  The weather was not cooperating which made it hard but we had a great time nonetheless.  It was a bitter-sweet visit as she will be out of the country for 8 months and I will miss her badly.  Here is my granddaughter Aniya in the hotel swimming pool having a marvelous time.  When she figured out she could reach the 3 ft. section without her floatie for the first time it was a game changer 🙂

Here we are on the Atlantic beach soaking up some rays.  It was raining when we got there but luckily it stopped long enough for us to have a good time on the beach.  We went later this day and watched the sun set- it was a thing of beauty.

Here are my two lovely daughters – Asma and Lexi getting ready for a farewell dinner hosted by her Staff Sergeant.

Here is my daughter and I out to lunch in Raleigh.

Aniya, Asma, and Lexi at the same restaurant.

I’m so very proud of my daughter Lexi for her service to this country.  I’m blessed to have such an amazing family.  I’m so fortunate that I was able to get there for one last quick visit before she left.



8 thoughts on “Visiting

  1. First, do tell Lexi thankyou for my family for choosing our country and for standing up for its values, our lives filled with choice, freedom.
    And omg you two are just beautiful! And your legs are just as white as mine. Ha!!!
    And tell tell your DIL that she and your granddaughter and so pretty. She is a great friend and mama!
    Of course you are too for helping your daughter get her life here in order so that she can serve as she has been called. And and and….

      1. Ha! Ha! Ha! I’m fair skinned and burn every time but my DIL has vowed to put SPF 50 on me from now on each time we go to the beach because she is sick of watching me suffer with burns ❤️

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