I can see you.

WHY is it that at times you can see a person exactly for what they are (evil) and everyone else seems to be blind to it?  I currently have someone working against me in my life right now via work and it’s hard.  It’s hard because she has the power to hold me back but I’m not going to let that get me down because what she doesn’t know is that this job is not the b-all and end-all of this thing we call life.  If this doesn’t work out, or she stops me from getting what I want; I take on the attitude that this was just not meant to be and there are better things around the corner waiting for me.

I’m a hard worker, well-organized, and on top of my game.  I bring it when I come to work.  I get here early and am ready to go at my start time.  I mind my own business and keep to myself while being pleasant to everyone, just not getting involved in any of the drama.

She is interested in punishing me for not getting along with her in the past.  Wish me luck as I put out “feelers” for other jobs within our organization and try to switch to a “day shift” because after working the night shift for 13 years, I’m ready to live on the right side of the clock for a change.



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