Love and Marriage

I’ve been happily  married for 25 years.  It was an unlikely start as I was pregnant with our first by 3 months before we got married and we didn’t even know each other all that well.  We had dated for only a short while and there was so much more to learn about one another.  I had mental illness that I wasn’t even aware of and he was a great, solid, hard working man.  He made me laugh and I was so attracted to his self confidence, something of which I had none.  I learned from him throughout the years on how to be proud of myself, how to value myself, how to love myself.  It was through his love and dedication that I am who I am today.

He was my protector, my lover, my best friend quickly.  I learned to trust for the first time ever.  Sure we went through some rough patches, as all couples do but we always came out on top even stronger than before.

I think the glue that hold us together is my husbands sense of humor.  Yes, I think I’m funny too but not quick witted like him at all.   Looking back on all those years- he just always knew how to make me laugh.  I don’t know what could be a greater gift in a person.  I would even try to be mad at him but couldn’t stay mad because he always made a joke out of it that had me busting a gut laughing.

I am a big believer in “giving” all that I have to him.  I put him first.  I figured if he and I were a strong core- than our family would thrive.  He and I make it a big point to stay “on the same page” and present a unified front.  It’s important with 3 kids.

I hear a lot of wives complaining about their husbands and it frustrates me because you generally get what you give.  I just want to say, when was the last time you hugged him and kissed him for no reason and told him how much he means to you?  When was the last time you told him that you loved and appreciated all he does for you?  Not every marriage is going to last because maybe the husband or wife might just be a huge dick.  I don’t know, I just know that when you’ve got something pretty special you can send it into warp speed super sonic love by just investing your time and energy into it.  I know that what I give out comes back to me 10 fold.



7 thoughts on “Love and Marriage

    1. It is the small things that matter. To this day when he comes to sit down with me he still asks if I need a drink. I scratch his back every morning and go to breakfast with him on Sunday morning (even though he knows I’m a homebody)….. All the little things like when he fills my car with gas ALWAYS and makes sure it’s clean. He makes up my side of the bed before he leaves for work in the morning too- just 100’s of little things that make me smile and visa versa.

      1. I always scratch the hubbys back! And my sons. It’s a guy thing! Coffee every am, and when he gets home. With my depression I know I’ve fallen behind in house work but try and make it nice and clean Friday’s so his weekend isn’t spent tripping on kid toys lol. It’s tricky with a baby! Do you ever miss picking up Legos and hot wheels? Bwahahahaha!!!

      2. Nope, I never miss those times but I have a 20 year old that is soooooooooo lazy when it comes to chores. Soooooooo unhelpful around the house- lol

      3. My 14 yr old is the same. Wants it all handed to him. Ad he curses like he’s payin’ bills. He’s got anxiety like us and it usually shows as rage when it’s really bad. 😞 I have had GAD since I was very young and I never ever ever ever talked to my family the way he does. It make me have panic attacks, which is ironic.

      4. My son’s chore is to mow the lawn- he pays a service to do it….. Whatever he can get out of. Sorry abt your son giving you anxiety- they don’t call ‘um teenagers for nothing 😦

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