Fly Away

Written by Annebella

When I was young child I wished I were a bird so I could fly away; not from home, but just so I could be in the trees with a magnificent perspective or flying high above the tree tops to take in all that was going on below.

I thought, and still do think that birds are a rare thing of beauty.  Maybe that’s why I enjoy drawing them so much.  Here are just a few of them:



6 thoughts on “Fly Away

  1. How wonderful talented Lindy!!!! I’m envious! I too love birds. We have a pair of very large owls that have nested in our wood line for years and it’s always such a privilege to photograph them. In the winter we get to see an Eagle or three at the lake.
    Thank you for sharing your art and a part of yourself with us.💜

      1. Just saw this typo!! It should say LADY! Jeeez…
        If I can find the pics I’ll send some, it’s been a few seasons since we got really good shots! There is a small town…Alton Illinois, I think, and they gets hundreds of Eagles in the winter. Maybe we should meet up and bird watch! Lol

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