April Music Tag

Written by Annebella

I would love to thank “You’re Not Alone in this World” for nominating me for the April Music Tag!  I love all types of music and think this is a really interesting one ~ This was FUN to do, I love all of the questions!



  1.  Put the picture on your post.
  2. Thank and Tag the person who tagged/nominated you for this tag!
  3.  Tag who ever you’d like! As many blogs as you’d like!
  4.  Have fun!


One: “Name a song that reminds you of high school”

These were GOOD times and I have to name a few of my favorites; it was anything Madonna of course – I’m a child of the 80’s but I’ll start with Robert Palmer “Addicted to Love”

How about Cyndi Lauper – True Colors

Lastly, WHAM!  I’m Your Man

Two: “Everyone has that one song that makes them tear up, what’s yours?

Elton John ~ Rocket Man:  Reminds me of my dad.  He loved Elton John’s music and this song just makes me cry when I hear it.

Three: “What’s that one song that everyone hates, but you secretly loved?” 

I love the song, “Nothing Compares to You” by Sinead O’Connor – I don’t think everyone I know is a huge fan but there is something about it that draws me in.

Four: “The last song you listened to?”

One Dance (feat. Wizkid & Kyla)

Five: “Song you discovered on YouTube?”

Ha! Ha! Ha!  Charlie the Unicorn ~ the Candy Mountain Song 😉

Six: “Favorite Band” 

I adore Journey – most of their songs bring me such joy and allow me to JAM out:

Seven: “Favorite Solo Artist” 

This is EASY for me, that would be, without a doubt BILLY JOEL.  Has always been and always will be my #1.  Such an amazing talent and I was lucky enough to see him in concert twice now.

Eight: “First CD to own” 

If I remember correctly, the B-52’s:


Nine: “Artist that left too soon”

For me, this would have to be Michael Jackson.  What a sad story.  His whole life was just so sad to me and what a shame because he was BRILLIANT!

Ten: “A song from the year you where born?”

1970 ~ Norman Greenbaum spirit in the sky

Eleven: “Group you wish never split up?”

Guns N’ Roses:

Twelve: “Song from your favorite music genre?”

Rusted Root – Send Me on my Way!

Thirteen: “Song you can’t help but dance to”

Aretha Franklin – RESPECT…..


This was an awesome walk down memory lane, thank you again “You’re Not Alone in this World“for making it possible.

I tag:

Kate from Annebella & Kate

Bits from Little Bits of Heaven

JAM from The Eyes in the Back of my Head


ENJOY, I sure did 🙂



6 thoughts on “April Music Tag

  1. Either I’m too young or you are quite quite old. I’ve heard of some of these artists, but not gone on to listen to their works..:P My answers, if I go on to do it will be more of the modern stuff haha! I do love Conor Maynard though, he’s doing the cover of One Dance 🙂

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