31 Day Writing Challenge #3 ~ Day 9: Some things I collect…

Written by Annebella

I use to collect Beanie Babies – LOL!  I was so stupid over them.  I had to have 2 of each.  My poor husband.  That was one of the only times I ever got out of control while hoarding “collecting”.  It became my obsession.  I even had a curio cabinet for them.


These days I’m more chill as I realized it was just an unhealthy habit.  I had to step away from the persistent call of the Beanies.  When I sold them all in a garage sale, I felt as though a noose was released from around my neck.  I was a hardcore collector.  Even found one in my neighbors garage sale and sold it for her for $400- it was a rare bear.

They are cute, don’t get me wrong- but I was OCD about the collection and it wasn’t right.  They had to go.  Once gone, what a relief!

These days I collect owls; any owl- a tiny glass one, metal ones, wooden owls – whatever I find at a garage sale or whatever a friend/family member gives to me for a present and I cherish them.  I’ve always had an affinity for owls.

I collect vintage Strawberry Shortcake Dolls and accessories.  Again, whatever I find at a garage sale is all.  I use to bid on them on ebay until I realized I was starting to do the same thing as with the Beanie Babies.




7 thoughts on “31 Day Writing Challenge #3 ~ Day 9: Some things I collect…

  1. Who doesn’t love strawberry shortcake!?! Except maybe my allergic family lol. I’m embarrassed to say I still have three beanies, I don’t know what they’re worth now but they were gifts for my oldest child and apparently could have fetched good money 15 years ago!

      1. Lol nope don’t care. I only have one toy collectible that I have any sort of attachment to. It’s a mod hair Ken still in the box in great condition. Birdie thinks he’s gross so last year for her bday I wrapped it and gave it to her. Livin’ the life. Lol😝

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