31 Day Writing Challenge #3: Day 3 ~ Something with which I struggle

31 Day Writing Challenge #3: Day 3 ~ Something with which I struggle:

The WORST part about me, and something that I combat with daily is clutter and mess in my house.  I am unorganized to say the least.  I want to be that person “that has a place for everything, and everything has its place” but I’m just not.

I am my own worst enemy too.  I will go to clean and what happens is that due to my OCD, I have to clean a room down to the nitty gritty.  For example:  If I’m cleaning my bedroom and attached bathroom, it should be a clean sweep and move on, right?  Wrong, soon I find myself underneath the bathroom cabinets organizing shampoo, hair color, the blow dryer, maxi pads, tampons, heating pad, soap, etc.  Then I put away the laundry and find myself knee-deep in my closet organizing my shoes.  So, voila!  My bedroom is cleaned from top to bottom but it took 4 hours and you could eat off the bathroom floor.  What else gets done that day?  Nothing because I’m wiped out. How long does it stay clean for?  A week, max.

Nothing can be done just half-assed.  Nothing.  I’m not even capable of it and that’s hard to keep up so what I find myself doing is that if I cannot do it right, I just wont do it and then my house turns into an armpit.

There, you have the ugly truth about me.  I’m struggling to stay organized and keep up my house which owns me at the moment.  However, there is good news on the horizon.  After being married for 25 years and collecting an inordinate amount of crapola ~ we will soon be purging all unnecessary junk.  My hub has a plan to take a box out of the storage closet each week until we can see the floor in there, LOL.  Good plan.




6 thoughts on “31 Day Writing Challenge #3: Day 3 ~ Something with which I struggle

  1. I think everyone struggles with clutter to some degree. I consider myself to be a fairly organized person, but I must admit that our kitchen table usually becomes cluttered within 5 minutes of me clearing it off.


  2. I am organized by my chaos yo. And I too (snarky laugh because you soooo know) have OCD. Cleaning must be done up one side and down the other or I just don’t do it! Now, with a baby I make exceptions, but even then it’s all the floors or no floors. If I food his clothes I just wash everything he owns so I can put away just so. It’s a curse I tell yuh!

    1. It is a curse, you hit the nail on the head with that statement. I cannot just “sort of” clean which makes having a clean house unattainable. It’s ridiculous. I have to learn to let go a little. But how?

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