31 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 31: Why do I blog?

I blog essentially because I have a lot to say. I find it extremely cathartic and if I make a few good friends along the way, well that’s all the better! Blogging is such a release. A way to escape the day to day and really put your thoughts to “paper”.

It’s the best when you just click with someone else, someone you’ve never meet and might not ever meet yet there is comfort in knowing there is someone out there that “gets” you.

I’ve met more good friends by blogging than I can say. There are 6 of us that have a special group on fb and we check in and root for one another daily. I can share anything I like and have no fear of being judged. These beautiful souls I met nearly 10 years ago when I started blogging. I had gone through some major ups and downs and had a strange affinity for changing my blog address; but they stuck with me through thick and thin.

There is a lot more fb’ing going on and that’s fine, but I have a lot more than a little status update on my mind and I need a place where I can vent it out and also have a little keepsake for my family in the long run.

I want my husband and kids to read my blog. They might not be interested right now but if anything ever happens to me, I’m sure they’ll be reading all of my little muddled thoughts. I hope they know how much I love them.

I kind of think of it as my memoir. To be honest, I’m in such a good place mentally and physically right now that sometimes It’s a challenge to think of something of substance to write about. That’s why I do a lot of the daily writing challenges.

There was a time when I was in a lot of turmoil and I’m sure I could have blown up this blog with posts but I find myself in a zen sort of state. I have found my happy spot. It took me many years.
My life has become quite simple and streamlined.

I don’t fret over what “acquaintances” think or say about me; that’s none of my business. I just know me, I know that I’m okay with myself and that’s all that matters. I have stellar friends to call my own and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

My kids are doing well for the most part and that makes any mother happy. All I ever want is to see my children happy and thriving. That’s probably my biggest worry. You think you worry a lot when they are little ~ worrying about them when they’re grown is a whole different ball game. Little kids, little problems ~ Big kids, big problems. But for now, all is quiet on the Western Front so I’ve got no complaints.

Blogging has become my special little place where I can just hang and be me.  I can post the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I get to share part of me and hopefully find like-minded people to commiserate with.  We can share the up’s and down’s of this thing we call life.  Overall, I think LIFE is pretty darn good.


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