31 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 19: What I collect

I love owls and have a teensie collection but I guess what I really hoard collect would be handbags.  I’m a sucker for a nice Coach purse. I also have a few Dooney & Bourke’s ~ and a Michael Kors too.  I must have at least 15 Coach with matching wallets.  I wear them for about 3 weeks and then get bored with them and put them up in my stash.  I have been known to give them away to good friends and family.  I have a Chicago Prime Outlet Mall close by so I never pay full price- I actually get amazing deals.

I also have an excellent Strawberry Shortcake collection that I absolutely adore.  I must have at least 40 dolls and lots of accessories.  I cannot wait to get through the storage closet and get them out for my 4 year old granddaughter.


How many of you remember this little guy?  The Strawberry Shortcake Butterfly!  You seat your Strawberry Shortcakes in their seats and when you click the button on his tail his wings flap.  He was my favorite and yes, he’s in my collection.

I have been collecting for years.  I look at estate sales, garage sales, and ebay has a great variety too.


6 thoughts on “31 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 19: What I collect

  1. I still have my strawberry shortcake dolls and they still smell. I stored them each individually in ziplock bags when I was a kid. I was a geek that collected dolls.

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