Sprang fevah

I have Sprang fevah.  Bad.  This Chicago weather is nutty.  One day it’s in the 60’s and sunny and the next freezing cold.  All I dream about is planting flowers.  Flowers galore.  I am even looking forward to watering and caring for them what is wrong with me?.  Every time I pass a Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards I just want to run in there and see what’s going on but I see they don’t have it quite set up just yet.  Damnit.

I look forward to the sun filled days where going outside feels like a treat.  I look forward to getting out more with my granddaughter.  I NEED flip-flops and t-shirts and shorts.

I need to dig in the dirt and make a mess.  I want to hear the birdies chirp and the lawnmowers mowing.

Can you imagine if your house looked like this:


Mine, of course will look nothing like this because I’m not a professional but I’m still excited.



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