31 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 16: The Top of My bucket List

I look at people who are “do’ers” and they blow my mind; in a good way.  I’m not much of an adventurer or a “do’er”.  I’m more of a homebody that goes with the flow of everyday life.  I’m happy, I’m surviving, and I’m content so this is a hard one for me.  Money is always an issue – and time off from work is key.  We work on a “PTO” system and growing my PTO bank is difficult.  If we do not have the PTO saved in our bank, we are not allowed to take time off.

However, if I did have a sizeable amount of PTO saved up – there are definitely things I would want to do.  I want to spend a day fishing in the hot shining sun, and even though my husband has never been fishing- I’d make him come with me and I’d make him have a good time.  I want to go to Lake Michigan and rent a cabin and stay on the beach for a week with my family and my pups.  I’d like to go REAL camping one day, I’ve never been.  Ya know, the kind where you’ve got an awesome tent, a sleeping bag, the whole 9 yards.

I’d like to go to Hawaii with my family and experience all there is to there.  Simply just to be there and absorb the scenery and have some adventures and enjoy ourselves.

On the home front, my bucket list would be to GET ORGANIZED once and for all.  Now that my kids are grown I don’t have any excuses to be living the way I do.  If I need something (i.e. a hot glue gun), I cannot find it of course- so I end up going out to buy a new one.  I probably have 5 hot glue guns at this point and it’s frustrating.  I need someone to come in and help me get organized.  I mean a professional and that’s no joke.  I need someone who knows exactly what I need to function.  My house is a hot mess.  We had the walls painted approx. 9 months ago and have yet to hang up any art or photo’s since.  It’s just cold and barren.  I’d love my house to feel like a “home” with each room having its own personality.  That would be top on my bucket list.  Yes, that’s how boring I am 🙂  I WANT MY HOUSE TO FEEL LIKE A HOME and it needs that artsy touch.  There ya have my exciting bucket list.


6 thoughts on “31 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 16: The Top of My bucket List

  1. If take you camping! I love camping with our huge family, that alone makes it an adventure. And a messy house, losing things, that’s all just fine. It’s life, and you have one. I tell myself that I’ve got oodles of dirty dishes because my family is blessed to have eaten, and my home is messy because my kids are blessed to live in it. I own at least two glue guns for the reason lol!

    1. I would love love love to go camping. Can you believe I’ve never been? It’s a travesty, I tell ya! YOU are correct; dirty dishes are a sure sign that loved ones have eaten and you are “living” in your home. God bless you! XOXOXOXO

      1. I can believe it…your mom and dad had a big family…that’s a lot of sleeping bags and commotion! It’s kind of like how use to live a few hours from the Canadian border but never actually went there. Or visiting Seattle a bunch and never going to the space needle!

      2. You know what though, my dad did take us fishing and I have only FOND memories of that time spent together, he even bought me my first “Snoopy” tackle box and fishing reel. I miss him so bad. But, the camping thing never did happen. Oh well, maybe one of these days? Let’s hope so! Ha! Ha! Ha! So much to do and see, so little time!

  2. I grew up camping and I loved it!! My kids have had a small taste but nothing like I grew up with. We camped just about every weekend either with the family or with Scouts. This is something I plan on doing more of. Even if I have to go by my little self.

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