Whole30 ~ Month 2 – Week 3

I was encouraged by a very dear friend of mine to start “Whole30”.  It’s a book/program written by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig that was easily obtained off the internet and eagerly read; by myself.  The bottom line is; it’s eating whole foods for 30 days while eliminating sugar, carbs, and dairy from your diet. Fresh fruits and veggies, protein (meats, eggs), and good fats.  No fake sugar either so I can just forget about my beloved diet Mountain Dew, LOL!

I am now on my 2nd Month ~ in my 3rd week and holding my own.  The first month I lost 13 lbs.  I went off the program for 7 days and gained back a little.  You do not weigh yourself daily/weekly on Whole30- in fact, you do not weigh yourself until the 30 days is up.  So, I’m dying to know what I weight but that will have to wait another week or so.

The other day, I bought my son a little cake for his Birthday and some “Everything bagels” for breakfast for the next morning- his favorite.  When I got home from work, that bagel bag was SCREAMING my name.  It was hard, I’m not going to lie.  The thought of a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese nearly sent me over the edge.


Sweet baby J, it took all of my willpower to NOT eat one.  Instead, I had some pickles and went to bed.  It was a rough morning but I prevailed. I’m not going to lie, in the past, I would have just made myself a bagel with cream cheese and then beaten myself up over it but something is different this time.

Part of it is that IT IS THE RULES that if you cheat, you must start back over on day 1.  The other part is the friend that inspired me to begin this journey.  She is probably down to a size 4 after years of doing this program and she is happier and healthier than I’ve ever seen her.  She always has a big smile on her face and it’s contagious.  I realize while being tempted by the bagel that there must have been 100’s of times that my good friend was tempted but she worked the program and stuck to her guns.  If she can do it, I can do this too.  I have to learn to say NO and to know that the feeling of intense craving and hunger will pass.  Sometimes it takes a while but I noticed that it does go completely away if you give it a chance to.  I had never given it a chance to go away before, I just ate and then felt bad.  Never did I realize that the feeling actually does subside on its own.

Yay me!  So, here’s to the week 1/2 I have left to go.  Looking forward to getting on the scale.  Never said that in my life before 🙂


6 thoughts on “Whole30 ~ Month 2 – Week 3

  1. I’m sooo proud of you for not eating that bagel! Good job Hun! They’re my weakness too. If I could afford the book for whole30 I’d buy it! I’ve been reading up on it, and am planting my garden around the veg and fruit at the top of the whole30 rules. I can’t wait to see how much you’ve lost! You must FEEL so much healthier too!

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