What is a Frenemy?


noun: frenemy; plural noun: frenemies
  1. a person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry.


Um, excuse me but NO THANKS!  I’ve had my fair share of these over the years due to work but let me tell ya ~ they are sooooo not worth the aggravation.

If you don’t like someone, follow your gut – and distance yourself from said person despite the need to “fit in” and be liked.

Another word for frenemy would be “backstabber”.  Is that what you want in your life?  Be true to yourself.  Respect yourself enough to have the balls to just say NO.  Walk away and don’t look back and always remember; your actions speak louder than their words.  So, keep on being your good old self and your situation will blossom; guaranteed.

Lowering yourself to someone else’s level makes you just as bad.  Be a good friend or no friend at all.  And accept a good, solid, trustworthy friend or none at all.  A good friend only wants what’s best for you at all times.




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