Live and let Live…

People from all walks of life need to be treated with kindness and respect.  No matter what a person does for a living, I believe the lowest level worker to the CEO should be treated the same.  That’s how I like to keep it, real.  I wish people would give up their prejudices on how a person looks, but rather look to the inside to see the where the real beauty lye.  There are people of all shapes and sizes that get ostracized and it is just not right.  Then we have race, religion, and sexual orientation ~ where does the discrimination end?

I feel like something is missing in this society, and it’s a lack of love and respect.  I cannot understand how someone takes a stance on something that they know nothing about.  Personally I think it’s out of fear, fear of the unknown.  For example, a “Christian” will protest gay marriage or gay anything for that matter but I happen to have two good friends that are gay and I adore them.  I am a Christian but WHO am I to tell them they cannot be together with their partner’s?  Who am I to judge?  To pass judgement?  To me, love is love.  I see that love and that connection and I truly believe they were born that way.  God is not going to punish them – he made them that way.

We’ve got weight issues galore.  If you are too skinny people feel the need to comment, if you are too heavy set- someone has to have an opinion about it.  I guess you just have to be perfect?  The thing I don’t understand is, if it doesn’t directly affect someone else, why is it anyone’s business?  It’s not, and it’s just hurtful and mean spirited.  We are all trying to get along in this thing called life the very best we can.  I have personally been discriminated against and had awful things said to me in the past for being too heavy.  It was painful.

Race issues are just something I never understood.  I don’t see color, nor have I ever.  I see a person’s heart.  I promise, I don’t care if someone is purple, pink, brown, yellow, black, orange, or whatever ~ I only care if they are an asshole and if so I don’t have time for that.  Then there are the race issues inside the race issues.  You’ve got black people that are considered “less than” if their skin color is too dark!  Excuse me!  Seriously?  This is 2016 people!  You’ve got darker skinned people bleaching their bodies and fair skinned people running to the tanning beds.  I wish we could all just accept and be happy with what we’ve been given.  That would be ideal because we are just what we are, how God made us- and some might say “Well, that’s easy for you to say!” but I don’t like my pasty white skin,  I’ve accepted it because there is nothing I can do about it and I’m not going to lay in a tanning bed to look what others would consider to be “good”.  I am what I am.  We all bleed the same color.  We are all the same.  Dark skin, light skinned, fair skinned- all are beautiferous!

I know firsthand that my son was not even close to being considered good enough for his Muslim wife (he’s Caucasian) by her family.  So much so, that they disowned her.  Now you tell me how the loving book of the Quran can allow an entire family to turn their back on THEIR OWN DAUGHTER because she fell in love with a white man?  Again, if you love your child, your own daughter as you say you do- that is just unspeakable to me.  IF my daughter fell in love with a black man, I would just want to be sure he was a good man- and what she does is her own business, I would support her 100%.  If he was Jewish, or Lutheran, or whatever, I would not care; just so long as he was a good man with good values.  Just as my son married an African woman, who also happens to be my best friend.  Why do big business’s Churches/Synagogue’s/Mosque’s/Parish’s/Temple’s have to teach such hatred?  After all, we are not to judge – what a slippery slope they ride.  There is only ONE that can judge.

I’m not writing to ruffle any feathers.  I don’t pretend to know your personal struggles but I’ve been through my own and these are just my humble opinions.  I have not walked a mile in your shoes nor do I pretend to.  I just wish people would mind their own business and if you cannot stand behind someone, then step aside.  Life is just too short to be jumping through all these hoops.  If nobody is getting hurt, then people need to lighten up ~ LIVE AND LET LIVE.


4 thoughts on “Live and let Live…

      1. Absolutely. It’s such a shame when people use their faith as an excuse to treat their own humans so badly. I have much experience in this department. My mom and I haven’t spoken since before Christmas. I miss her. I don’t miss her mis-quoted Christian ramblings on all I do wrong, and how I was nothing to her because God told her to choose this or that. Jesus came to save. Period.

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