31 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 9: Worst Habits

This should be easy.  My worst habits would have to be:

  1.  Swearing like a trucker.  This is something that I’ve done ever since I was a little girl (say about 12 years old).  I always heard my dad curse out of anger as a child and I remember the day I decided I was going to swear too- it felt so good, especially when I was pissed off about something.  I’ve done it ever since.
  2. Sleeping a lot.  I am good in bed.  I can spend HOURS UPON HOURS hunkered in there.  It’s like a little safety cave.  I’ve got one dachshund on one side, and another dachshund nuzzled up on the other.  No place I’d rather be.  That makes me kinda pathetic sleepy.
  3. Eating food.  I don’t eat regularly and that’s why I’ve been doing this Whole30 program.  To ensure that I’m eating meals and snacks throughout the day and also eating the correct foods for my body to be healthy.  This is all new for me. The book was such an education.
  4. Lazy as fuck.  I can take laziness to a whole new level.  When you work night shift, you sleep a lot during the day and that makes me kinda useless.  PLUS I do NOT work out. Have never been to a gym and absolutely hate walking or running, or anything to do with sweating.

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