Whole30 Mexican Chicken Soup


Mexican chicken soup – whole 30 recipe

My lovely DIL made Mexican chicken soup – whole 30 recipe, a recipe found at this blog called I heart Nap Time for dinner tonight.

It was amazing!!!



As you may know I’m fairly new to the Whole30 program (book).  They call it Whole30 because you are eating whole foods for 30 days including veggies, meats, fruit, eggs, nuts, certain fats (EVO, Ghee, Coconut Oil, etc.) while eliminating sugar, carbs, and dairy from your diet.  I am currently in my 2nd month on the 2nd week and doing great. 

I cannot say enough good things about this program!  The first month I lost 13 lbs.  Now I’m on week 2 of my 2nd month and doing great with the eating, I just have to add some exercise to the mix.  I admit it- I *HATE* to exercise.  Literally, I hate to sweat. At this point, I’m extremely happy with the way things are going even if I have not incorporated exercise into the program because just the fact that I have stuck to this program like glue is amazeballs.

If you are interested in looking into the book, you can click the link above or also visit Whole30 to learn more about this wonderful program.  I never realized just how much whole food there is to eat, how yummy it is, and accessible.  People think they cannot afford “whole foods” but I’m spending wayyyy less on my groceries eating healthy than I ever did buying all that junk food.



4 thoughts on “Whole30 Mexican Chicken Soup

    1. Awwww, thank you BFH! It was sooooo good! You have a garden? I’m so jelly! I might try that this year. My real goal is to start planting flowers again… So maybe baby steps for me 😉

      1. You can do veggies! They’re easy. I started years ago with cherry tomatoes and worked my way up. Now I grow watermelon, green beans, everything! It’s very therapeutic.

      2. Awesome! I just want to make my yard pretty again- I was coming out of such a long funk I stopped planting flowers. I think my neighbors will be happy with me again- ha! Ha! Ha!

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