A note to my YOUNG self …

My wish for you is that you know you are inherently good.  That you count, you matter.  You are special.  You are talented. You are Y-O-U in all your glory.  You can stand up for yourself because you are worth it.  You are not just a pretty face, you are also SMART.

You are not alone.  You can say no.  You have a voice.  Your opinions and thoughts are important.  You don’t have to pretend you are okay.  You can stop acting tough and like nothing bothers you.  You are more than just a number.  You are loved.  You are cherished.  You are so beautiful inside and out.  You are brimming with possibilities.  You can be anything you want to be.

God is good.  God is loving.  God loves YOU.  You are a child of God.  God made you with a purpose, he made you exactly who you were meant to be; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You are just as deserving as everyone else.  You are WORTHY.  You are every bit as good as everyone else.  You deserve the same chance as others.  You have unique qualities that set you apart from others and that’s what makes you so special.  You possess greatness.  You deserve to be happy and carefree.  Love yourself.  Be good to yourself.  It was not your fault.

Lost and Confused Signpost
You are GOOD.



4 thoughts on “A note to my YOUNG self …

  1. This is great. Would you mind if I printed it out for my daughter? I’m making her an ‘and yes being a teen sucks box’ that will have pics of her and our fam, little notes, trinkets her or I have kept over the years….for the days school is tough, mean girls etc. Your post would be perfect! Plllllleeeeeaaaassssseeee?

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