Five Fears that I Have ~ entry #19

I’m pretty much a skerrdy cat.  I have many fears. The top 5 would have to be:

  1.  crocodileI have an unhealthy fear of alligators/crocodiles.  Yes, you read that right.  We don’t have any living in our region yet somehow they unnerve me.  I’ve watched numerous documentaries on them so it’s a bizarre fascination and fear all wrapped into one.  I cannot learn enough about these creatures but they terrify me.  The times I visit somewhere where they are abundant ~ let’s just say I go a little crazy.
  2. OCTOPUSI have a fear of aquatic life and again; at the same time am absolutely enraptured by all living undersea creatures.  So much beauty and wackiness to be found under the water.  From the truly magical seahorse to the peculiar octopus.  From the beauty of the corral to the frightening shark and everything in between ~ I’m in love and terrified all at once.  I’ve only been in the ocean once, and it was met with great fear.
  3. Of course a natural fear I think for most is that something will happen to one of their loved ones.  I pray for their safety daily.
  4. I have a fear of heights.  I’ve been to the top of the Sears Tower a few times and that heightsglass walkway is just not something I could ever get myself to do.  Every time I get to a high place my knees start to shake and my chest gets tight.  I could never skydive, or bungee jump, or would never want to do anything crazy like that.  For some I’m sure they love the adrenaline rush but for me, I don’t think I could even physically do it let alone mentally.
  5. I’m fearful of being in a car accident.  I see the way people drive and it scares me.  My husband spends a lot of his day in a car and I often worry about him.  Not because of his driving, but for fear of another person’s horrific driving.  People just don’t think and are not courteous, nor do they obey the laws.

9 thoughts on “Five Fears that I Have ~ entry #19

  1. I have fears, LOTS of them, mostly irrational lol. Anxiety will do that. My greatest is dying in a fire. Or being eaten by sharks. Or my dishwasher being loaded improperly. I enjoyed your post. I’m going to follow you now. 💜

  2. I am the complete opposite on most of these fears. I am an adrenaline junkee. I kayak with gators and the other thinks you fear are on my bucket list.
    But I totally understand others fear of these things. My oldest daughter couldn’t do half of the things I do because of her fears. And I would never make fun of or push her to do them.

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