My Life in 7 Years ~ entry #14

Wow.  This is a great post topic.  My life in 7 years from now.  My oldest son will be 31 years old, my twins will be 26 years old, my daughter-in-law will be 30, and my granddaughter will be 11 years old.  How can that possibly be?  Bizarre to think of us all getting older.

My daughter will most likely be out of the U.S. Marines before then unless something happens with her career that makes her want to re-enlist.  I guarantee she will be in schooling to become an orthodontist.  My youngest and oldest son’s will have successful careers with a large car company and my oldest will have his Master’s Degree in Business.  My daughter-in-law (and best friend) will be working hard trying to balance her job with being a great mom just as she does now.  I believe she will also be enrolled in school.

I will probably be hobbling around with a cane unless I get my ass in gear and lose all of this excess weight and get an exercising program down.


I’m hoping that my two youngest have settled down by then and have met their “special someone’s“.  I’d love to dream that I’ll have more grandchildren in 7 years.  Becoming a Grandmother has been one of the highlights of my life.  I love my precious granddaughter with all my heart.  Most importantly, I want everyone in my family to be healthy and happy.  I think our good health is something that we all take for granted but life is so precious and we are blessed to have it.

I see my husband having the car of his dreams (as usual), maybe even that RV he’s always wished he had so that he and I can travel around together.  In 7 years I’d like to dream we live somewhere WARMER year-round with the kids all near but I realize that’s unrealistic.

I see myself working at the same place I have for the past 13 years.  I don’t know why but I’m use to it and I’m good at it.  I enjoy the night shift and cannot imagine doing anything else.  There’s something comforting about being in the same familiar setting.  I have tried to make a change to the day shift approximately 5 years ago and it was a disaster.  I might be inclined to switch it up if the right opportunity comes along simply because it would be nice to be on the same side of the clock as everyone else.


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