A Book I love ~ entry #8

The book I’m currently reading is Pronoia by Rob Brezsny.  It was sent to me from my sister Rosie.  It’s the “Antidote for Paranoia” – How the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings.  It’s the revised and expanded version; a thick textbook and workbook.  This book makes you THINK.  It prompts you to THINK.

“Brezsny uses witty parables, tender rants, cultural riffs, pagan wisdom, and lively rituals in his playfully positive readings. He brings that same sensibility—and the same message of a smiling universe—to this self-help book for people who may be skeptical about self-help books. Brezsny persuasively advises readers to go along with the universe’s good intentions, but his rejection of cynicism and a bleak view of human nature isn’t rooted in denial. On the contrary, he makes a case for a cagey optimism that requires a vigorous engagement with the dark forces. He asks us to rethink life as a sublime game created for our amusement and illumination. The book is a chameleon of a tome. You can read it straight through, slowly and surely, or else pick it up and open it at random for tasty hits of inspiration as the spirit moves you. You can even start at the end and weave your way backward. Brezsny has substantially updated this edition—he added nearly one hundred pages—by expanding various sections, adding more than a dozen new pieces and a new chapter, and providing readers with a number of playtime activities and exercises that let them participate through their own writing and drawing. “Brezsny’s horoscopes are like little valentines, buoyant and spilling over with mischievousness. They’re a soul prognosis.” —The New York Times

This book is perfect for the “Whoah is me” person in your life that thinks the whole world is against him/her.  It is perfect for me.  I need something positive in my life.  It’s a way of thinking about ALL of the things that go right in your day vs. the crummy things.  From something as simple as how you ran your dishwasher and it cleaned all your dishes, to the hot shower you took, etc.  ALL the many of hundreds of things that go RIGHT in your day and are blessings that we take for granted.  These blessings clearly outnumber the bad and we have so much to be grateful for.  I’m only 1/2 way through the book but it’s uplifting and I’m looking forward to diving into the 2nd half.




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