They say it’s your Birthday, it’s my Birthday too!

Today, Valentines Day is my 46th Birthday and I was HIT by the biggest and best surprise Birthday present anyone could ask for.  My daughter is in the Marines and stationed in N.C.  I talk to her almost daily and she told me she was going to come for a visit in late March or early April.  She had also been telling me how she was broke, how she sent me a Birthday present in the mail, etc.  So her visit was the LAST thing I expected.


My son Zachary arranged for the family to eat at Outback Steakhouse and made reservations.  There were 8 seats but only 6 of us.  No biggie I thought.  Until I turned around and standing right before my eyes was my daughter, who flew in as a Birthday surprise and took my breath away.  She was with her best friend as well.  What a reunion and to find out that she is here for 2 whole weeks is beyond amazing.


Here are my three “babies”.  Zach, Lexi, and David


Zachary, David, and my beautiful granddaughter Aniya


She came bearing a dozen roses and two beautiful charms for my Pandora bracelet.


Auntie time.  Oh how she misses her little niece Aniya


All of us gathered around for what none of us expected.  Only one knew, that was Zachary and he kept a tight lip.


The gang.  Happily together.


My Mama and I ~ went to her house and she had loads of goodies for me.


My mom was so happy to see her Lexi too!

My husband bought me a Pandora charm of Minnie & Mickey mouse kissing and a quote that reads “Believe in Magic” and I love it.  He also gave me at least 10 different Birthday cards each with a different “pet name” written on the envelope (this is his tradition for my Birthday).  All day long, my granddaughter brought me little gifts that she found around the house; her drawings, some money from her piggy bank, lots of kisses and hugs, and many “Happy Birthday & Happy Valentines Day wishes for Granny”.

My DIL Asma bought me the coolest black walking shoes and I cannot wait for the weather to change so I can get out there with my Doxies.  My son David bought me two passes for 1 hour each massages.  I’ve never had a massage before.  I’m nervous about that but excited at the same time.  He tells me it’s heavenly.

My mother got me a coffee mug which says “Love you a latte” with pink and red hearts all over it.  She bought me a Marie Antoinette salt/pepper shaker where her head comes off – LOL ~ The demented humor runs in the family, what can I say- along with a statue of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.  She’s a very religious woman with a wicked sense of humor- what’s not to love?

MY gift from my son Zachary was planning the whole surprise with Lexi coming into town.  He picked her up from the airport and kept it a secret from EVERYONE.  I also received a lovely candle and homemade Birthday card from Jonah; Alexis’s best friend which just warmed my heart.  I just want to thank all my friends and family for making this the most memorable Birthday I have ever had in my life!  From each fb message to having my daughter here was a true blessing and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


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