My Tattoos and their meaning ~ entry #7

The first tattoo I got was done in a shady place.  I love to laugh about it now but it wasn’t so funny back in the day.  My DIL took me to an “acquaintance” to get it done.  He worked at a tattoo shop but also did tattoo’s out of his house.  In.  The.  Ghetto.  In his bedroom where there was a Cadillac grill hanging from his bedroom wall and he had a teardrop tatt underneath his eye.  I was too scared to back out.  Anywho, I had “SCOTT” tattooed on my upper back with the words “God Made You Just For Me” written underneath because that is exactly how I feel  about my husband.

When I showed my husband he was dismayed that I actually got a tattoo.  I was shocked that he wasn’t flattered.  If someone tattooed my name on their back with a quote so touching I would have been moved beyond reason but he just couldn’t seem to wrap his brain around the idea that I actually got a tattoo.  A. Permanent. Tattoo.   I LOVE ink and have always wanted one.  He came around within hours and hopefully he knows just where it came from; my heart.

The second and last tattoo I have is extremely special.  It’s on my right wrist.  It’s the eternity symbol with an anchor on one side, and the letter “A” on the other side.  Beneath is written, “I refuse to let you sink” – this came at a very difficult time in my life and my DIL and I got matching tattoos.  It was a dark time in my life – a time where I was recovering from massive clinical depression and anxiety.  It means a lot to me and I also think that the “A” stands for my DIL’s name ASMA, my daughter ALEXIS, my granddaughter ANIYA.  We are all “A’s” and that’s what that “A” means to me.

My daughter is in town and she wants to get a matching tattoo within the next two weeks.  I’m so excited but we have not decided on anything just yet.  Should be fun and special.


2 thoughts on “My Tattoos and their meaning ~ entry #7

  1. I had to laugh when you wrote “second and last tattoo,” I was thinking last tattoo, yeah right. But I read the translation wrong. You meant last, as in most recent. I can’t wait to hear about what you get next!

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