My First Love & My First Kiss ~ entry #3

There I sat in sociology class when I first noticed him.  He had dark brown hair, a mullet actually (LOL), and the prettiest green eyes everrrrr.   I was 15 and ironically my sociology teacher is the one that gave me the nickname “Annebella” and it has stuck with me all these years.  He was tall and skinny but muscular.  I was petite, blonde, and adorable (if I do say so myself).  I made the first move by sending him a note.  After that, we dated for 4 years all throughout high school and even afterward for a short while.  He drove a VW powder blue bug.  We were inseparable.  He was my first true kiss. I use to think about him all the time and to this day I wonder how he’s doing.  He and I broke up and lost all communication over the years.

I’ve been happily married to the best friend I’ve ever had in my life for nearly 25 years now but still, every once and a while I wonder how “he” is doing.  Not for any reason other than out of pure curiosity.



4 thoughts on “My First Love & My First Kiss ~ entry #3

    1. I never ever think “what if” because my first love wasn’t “real” love. Not the REAL love I have with my husband/best friend right now and always have had. It never would have worked because God made my husband just for me, and I truly believe that. Thank you for the awesome comment and for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it and look forward to visiting yours also 🙂

      1. You have a great blog, I look forward to reading the rest of your posts in the future! (when studying doesnt keep knocking on my door ever so often!) As for your take on your husband, I cant wait for that moment! Just hanging around waiting for someone to keep me company and accept me, rambles and all 😄 truly happy for you “)

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