Forgiveness.  It is a hard nut to crack.  Little by little I’ve been able to let go and let it be.  The Beatle’s really were ahead of their time.

You’ve heard the old saying that forgiveness is not something we do for someone else, it is something that we do for ourselves.  Because by forgiving, you are freeing yourself from hurt.  Thing is, if you are reading this and thinking, “Easier said then done!” and are frustrated, then you are not seeing the bigger picture; just yet.

I still have hope for you.  Because if I can do it, so can you.  It takes time but at some point in your life, you HAVE to realize the unrelenting toll it takes on your soul to be bitter and angry with someone that hurt you.  We’ve all hurt someone, at some time in our life- whether intentional or not.  If we want the man upstairs to forgive us, we have to be able to forgive.

I’m sending up a prayer for all that struggle with this challenge.  With Love,