I’ve been a BAD Auntie

Times ARE busy and as I wrote in my previous post that it feels like time is in fast forward.  I work the night shift and live on the opposite end of the clock so to speak.  To make matters worse, I am a miserable procrastinator.  But, when it comes to my 3 little nephews and missing their Birthdays repeatedly, that is just unacceptable and pathetic.   We live in different states and unfortunately my sister and I do not talk often, but I love them all so much and there is no excuse.  I feel horrible.  But instead of feeling horrible and doing absolutely nothing about it, tonight I got a great start on what will be a “Happy Belated Birthday Care Package” to all three of them.

My three little Amigos.

Julian just celebrated his 10th and I missed it, but truth be told- I’ve missed them all so I decided to make a card for each of them.  The smallest card is only 4″ X 2.5″.  LOL!

Inside is a personalized note for each along with a tiny bit of cash.  Then I will bundle up some little goodie bags and get them out no later than this coming weekend.  No excuses!

Love Notes

I’m excited at the prospect of them being happy, of telling them what they mean to me so they know how special they are in my heart.  Life is short and it’s never to late to reach out and tell someone how much you love them.


6 thoughts on “I’ve been a BAD Auntie

  1. Yes, it is never too late to let someone know you care! And I think kids love getting stuff in the mail! I know they are gonna love those cards alone for the adorable owls. And I love your attitude – rather than feel miserable about it and brush it under the rug, you took action! All of you will feel better – it’s a win all across the board! :D. Say, you missed my b-day too. When can I expect a beautiful owl card? ;). ❤

    @Teeni: Yes, I definitely have to get it together. I also have 2 nieces and a nephew in FL. that are in desperate need of the same attention. So, after this- that is where my head will be. Sending those girls a little care package. Thank you dear!

  2. you are so crafty…those are adorable and I hope they are appreciated. 🙂

    @JJ: Thank you – I think it’s kinda funny that the oldest gets the biggest card and by the time the little guy opens his, it will be teensie! LOL! Tonight I’ll make custom envelopes and I’m sure they will love getting mail. Doesn’t everyone love getting something in the mail – especially when it’s not a bill collector? LOL. Thank you for stopping by. I miss the old blog crew. Ever think of blogging again?

  3. Hey, this is ALMOST better than getting stuff on the actual date of one’s birth because it’s been done out of love and concern, not from obligation!
    This is so good! Your nephews will love it!

    @Trisha: I think you may be onto something! LOL! It’s totally out of love – they are sweet boys. Thank you for popping by! I love you Trisha!

  4. ive missed them so much i love those boys!! when you talk to them next time tell them i said hi and i miss them!!

    @Asma: I will tell them – they love you too!

  5. Those are such cute cards! I am sure they will love getting your care package. It’s always nice to get a little something out of the blue!

    @Pumpkin: Thank you sweets!

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