Woo-Woo Sitting

I’m dog sitting Woo-Woo sitting for the next 10 days while my niece Terri and her husband Nick are in Ireland with their family.  What is a Woo-Woo?  Woo #1 is Shea and Woo #2 is Nugen and they are Weimaraners, as affectionately called “Woo-Woo’s” by their loving and doting parents.  Loving and doting so much, that there is a 2 page type-written instruction manual for me when I arrived at their home for my first night on the job.

Not only is there a manual from mom and dad, the Woo’s had left me a “Welcome to our home” present.  I’m not sure which Woo because when I asked the Woo’s, they said it was from “both” of them.  Then they became a little shy.  Maybe they over-spent?

Isn’t it beautiful?

I’ve only dog sat for them once before – I’d say these two are very thoughtful and welcoming.  It was like having my own personal Woo-Woo-Welcome-Wagon!  Ok, enough about the gift, would you like to see the Woo’s?  Without further adieu, I present Nugen and Shea:

Nugen & Shea

Nugen is an older boy.  He is also a rescue and he’s sweet.  He loves to retrieve Frisbee’s in the back yard, so when I threw it over the neighbor’s fence I felt badly.  I went to go climb over the fence and thought, “This will probably not end well” and decided against it.  I’m not 20 anymore and did I ever mention that I am clumsy?  Yeah, so- scratch that.  I searched the yard for another Frisbee and couldn’t find one.  I went inside AND HAD A LOOK AROUND, in their toy bin and came up with something that resembled a Frisbee:


I asked Shea to carry it out for me but Nugen wanted nothing to do with this ragged excuse for a Frisbee.  Turns out he’s a bit of a Frisbee snob.  Who knew?  Luckily he found a large rubber bouncy ball on the deck, he told me I could use that.  I did, I threw it to him 10 times across their long yard just like the instructions said ~ because he is older and if he had the choice he would play fetch all day until his heart gave out on him.  I’ve never seen anything like it.

Shea is completely another story.  She is pushy, needy, and verbal about it.  I’ve Woo-Woo sat only once before and she scared me pretty bad that time.  You have to remember, I have two small Dachshunds.  I’m not use to big dogs, with big deep heart-stopping barks (WOOF!  WOOF!) that come to my eye level when I’m sitting down, with BIG teeth.  I was sleeping over and she blocked me from getting in the bed.  I didn’t know her that well back then and I was afraid she might bite me.  This time, I am more confident and ready for her antics.

My first night I was only there 5 minutes perusing over the Woo-Woo Bible and she came over, stood up on me and poked her big paw right at my collar-bone and told me, “I run this shit”.  I was NOT having it.  Her own mother warned me of this (it’s in the manual!) and I stood up and told her that I was in charge and I was the boss of her!  Funniest thing ever, she sat down and cried.  Literally howled in exasperation and disgust.

I have to say, I really have been enjoying my time with the Woo’s.  My husband pointed something out to me when I was complaining about how pushy Shea is, he said, “She’s just like Bella!” *My little Doxie Bella is constantly poking and prodding for affection, actually demanding it when you stop petting her by incessantly pawing until you rub her some more* – I guess I never thought about it that way before.  She is just like Bella, just on a bigger scale.  I had perceived her size as threatening, but really- she’s just needy, sweet,  and wants attention and there isn’t a mean bone in her body.  Now I know.  And now she is not the boss of me anymore 😉

This time things are going well.  They are eating all of their food so they are not nervous with me (probably because I’m not scared of Shea and Nugen, I’ve gained their trust and visa versa and they can sense the comfort level is good).  They are sleeping well, and when I go to leave the come and stand in-front of me with big saucer eyes and ask, “Where are you going?  Please don’t go!” and when I come back, they are so happy.  Makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy to take good care of them.

More Woo-Woo goodness to come.  Minus the lavish present of course – LOL!


7 thoughts on “Woo-Woo Sitting

  1. Interesting coincidence! I, too, am doggy-sitting but Cooper will be staying (mostly) at my house with me, Those Woo Woos sound so sweet and grateful. Do your Doxies get jealous?

    1. Hey Chickie, I am staying at their house all day and going home to shower and get ready for work at night. My dogs have been ignoring me, I think they smell their cousins (LOL) on me and are mad. They’ve been clamoring to Scott and the kids- avoiding me. So, I guess they are acting up but for no good reason!

  2. Hmm. I swear I commented here too! Oh well, I think when I comment from my iPad that sometimes it just doesn’t come through. Grrr! Oh well, I wanted to stop over quick and let you know that the blog friendship cup is posted at the diva’s zentangle blog. She is looking for comments to win it so I probably won’t post about it until tomorrow on my blog but I know you wanted a crack at it and wanted to give you early notice! Go here: http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com/2012/08/share-cup-share-love.html

    *****. Teeni – I went over and asked to be entered for the chance – hope I get it!!! Thank you!

  3. Gorgeous woo woo’s!
    Love the present they so lovingly left you as well.
    I ‘pussy sit’ for my daughter’s cat (King Anthony of Starkonia, aka Tony)
    When Tony is here there are a total of 4 cats and it’s bedlam, a lot of fun, but sheer bedlam.
    Love the looks of the blog and btw, I have changed your link on my blogroll ;O)
    Will be stopping by to do some catch up.
    Funny post, B

    @~m: I love how people have such elaborate names for their cats, King Anthony of Starkonia- LOL! My sister’s cat goes by at least 10 different names. Thank you for coming by and I promise I wont ditch this blog, I really need to stay put. Thank you for putting up with my crap all these years and changing my address ♥

  4. Cute, so cute Shea! We also have dogs in the house, our “other children” as we may call them but not a good pet-caretaker here so I leave it to the hubby, but I’m the one cleaning their dens.

    Thank you Sheng!

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