I Go by Three’s

I got this meme from a sweet friend over at Anything Goes. This is my first meme on my new blog and just as Sheng, I am not going to tag anyone, rather tell you to do it if you feel like it 😉

1. Three names you go by:
Annebella, Annie, or Mom

2. Three facts about yourself:
I am a night owl. I love birds. I love to draw.

3. Three things that happened today:
I stopped at a little boy’s lemonade stand with my daughter – he had friends holding and shaking a sign on a busy road to draw business into his subdivision – I couldn’t resist. We paid him $8- and all the coins we could find in the car. He was thrilled. I cannot resist kids having lemonade stands. I just melts my heart remembering back to those times, they were the best:

I went to Walgreens with my daughter to get nail polish so she could paint Toy Story aliens on her fingernails, she did a GREAT job.

Lexi and I went shopping and bought the remainder of her school supplies to start her Junior Year in high school.

4. Three favorite songs right now:
River of Dreams by Billy Joel, So Much to Say by Dave Matthews Band, & Not While I’m Around by Jamie Cullum

5. Three breakfast foods you enjoy:
Cheesy Omelet with Bacon, French Toast, and a bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle with hash brown from McDonalds. YUM!

6. Three things on your current to-do list:
Write a letter to my son David in the Air Force. Get my son Zachary all of his school supplies. Pick up extra work hours to save up PTO so I can go visit my daughter and granddaughter in Louisiana.

7. Three colors you like:
Purple is my favorite. Orange reminds me of my father who passed in 2004. Yellow is a happy color.

8. Three words you think others would use to describe you:
Funny. Silly. Artistic.

9. Three objects you can’t be without:
My makeup bag. A Billy Joel CD. My sketchpad.

10. Three ways to win your heart:
Let me blow a flubitz in your neck. Be kind. Be considerate.

11. Three favorite movies:
Uncle Buck. The Sandlot. Somethings Gotta Give (Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson)

12. Three appetizers you enjoy:
Spinach and Artichoke Dip. 7-layer Taco Dip. Chips and Salsa

13. Three places you’ve lived:
Lombard, Illinois USA. Overland Park, Kansas USA. Western Suburbs of Illinois, USA

14. Three important people in your life:
God. My husband, Scott. My kids.

15. Three things you want to say to three different people:
To my son David, “I’m proud of you and I miss you – I think about you all of the time and I wish you were home”. To people who cannot speak up for themselves for whatever reason, “Just say it on the spot, even if it makes you uncomfortable”, because it’s better that you be a little uncomfortable rather than hold everything in and BLOW on some unsuspecting person one day and ruin a perfectly good friendship. To my sister Paula, “I loved talking to you the other day, I love and miss you so much!”


7 thoughts on “I GO BY THREE’S

  1. Wow. I loved reading this. lex’s fingernails are awesome. Guess she got some painting talent from her mom. All her friends are going to want that manicure. Hell, even I want it! LOL. Purple is my favorite too and I also think yellow is a happy color. Although my family members tell me it is associated with insanity. Pffft. Well, if so, then at least I’m the happy kind. :). And orange is such a warm tone, no wonder it reminds you of your dad. I love your advice to those who have a hard time speaking up for themselves. So very true. I am working on that one myself. I don’t want to hold things in and blow up to ruin relationships so I am trying to get better at speaking up and being uncomfortable for a few moments instead. You are so good at hitting the nail on the head when you write these things. Hope you are having a great day. ❤

  2. I am going to do this…my brothers and I used to have a kool-aid stand in our front yard in the summer time. We did ok with it, had more fun that we made money.

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