Through the eyes of Photographer Sushyue Liao

I am so happy as I write this, with a grin from ear to ear.  I have been an admirer of a photographer on Flickr, a gentleman by the name of Mr. Sushyue Liao that goes by the screename of Mirror_Lake, for quite some time now.  I’d like to think, from what pictures he posts that he is a “bird whisperer“.

Asian Paradise-flycatcher (Female)

The array of different species that he has been able to successfully capture has my head spinning, in a good way!  I wrote to him and asked if there was a chance that he would allow me to write a post here on my blog about his photography and showcase some of his pictures that I have come to admire.  He did give me his permission *happy dance*.  The little Bulbul below is doing a dance too, it’s a different kind of happy dance, LOL.  Think about how fast birds move.  How did he capture this next one?  It is beyond my comprehension but I’m so glad he did.

He has traveled to Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Germany, Austria, England, France, Switzerland, to parts of the USA, but my favorites were taken in his homeland of Taiwan.  I can only dream of visiting a place so far away, but dreams are something to aim for right?

If the pictures alone weren’t fabulous enough, I truly enjoy the story told not only by the subject matter but by his commentary.  It’s through his story telling that the observer is able to inherit more than just seeing a new bird species for the first time.  Instead, inheriting an entire environment and understanding some bird communication.  By clicking on the The Gray Cheeked Fulvetta below and viewing a larger version, you will see exactly what I mean by the environment.

Have you ever seen baby birds in a nest looking to be fed?  Mama will arrive at her nest and babies will feel her presence.  With their new weak wobbly necks outstretched, heads turned up toward the sun and beaks opened as wide as possible just waiting for her to deliver nourishment.

The above picture of the mama Bronzed Drongo is amongst my favorites.  What an extraordinary capture, a sweet and rare moment.  You will see all this and more in his extensive photostream.  I think what amazes me most about his photo’s are not only the close-ups of birds that normally you could only hope to spy through binoculars at a distance, is the scenery as well.  If you click on these photo’s I have linked them back to his photostream so you can view them larger, and the details of this next little guy is insanely cool. His feathers appear textured and remind me of wood chips. His underbelly looks like fancy cascading curtain from an exquisite auditorium where a play is about to begin.  These birds are F-A-S-T, to get a great snapshot is nearly impossible.  I read that at times he waits hours upon hours to get the perfect shot.  This is the dedication of a great photographer and makes it all the more amazing that he’s willing to post his work so that people around the world can enjoy birding through his eyes.

What is equally as interesting as these diverse birds is the rich background, I feel like I’m walking through a forest learning about this delicate ecosystem.

The surroundings are surreal and make me think about a secret sanctuary that is moist and thriving with life.  One look and you can see the rock moss, the smaller plant life, the fungi and the new growth. He describes this 3 week old baby brown Dipper as being one of 3 little birds he’s been watching.  Not seeing the other two has him hoping they are alright.  I LOVE this picture, of this little guy hooting and hollering!  I too, hope they are doing well.

I imagine a breeze flowing through the forest making the different textiles of grass and plant life sway back and forth.  These are my exact thoughts looking at this next picture.

It’s a whole secret “understory” hidden below a canopy and he gets it all.  Check out this rare reflection:

I hope to one day be in that sanctuary but until then, I’m just delighted to meander through his pictures and get lost in the digital forest he has created which leaves me with an overall feeling of well-being.

Here are a few more of his photographs that I adore below.  I have been dying to publish this blog post and feel like I’ve been sitting on a gold mine that I simply must share but  picking and choosing a small handful from his collection was torture.  ♥ If you have never been into bird-watching or even not known much about birds – take a peek, I’m hoping that you enjoy this front row seat to what Mr. Sushyue Liao has seen up close and willing to show the world.  It’s truly an amazing gift.

I hope you pay him a visit, I promise – you wont believe your eyes!  Thank you again for allowing me the privileged of writing this, I appreciate it and will cherish your work.

All of the photos on this blog post are Copyright © 2012 Sushyue Liao. All Rights Reserved.


9 thoughts on “Through the eyes of Photographer Sushyue Liao

  1. Oh, MY! These are awesome!
    That little Gray Cheeked Fulvetta looks like she’s wearing an adorable flowered hat! Every image is worthy of a frame. Thanks so much for sharing such beauty with us!

    @Trisha: I’m so glad you enjoyed this. Wearing an adorable flowered hat, LOL! True, each pic is loaded in a rich environment, it almost seems too good to be true- foreign to me because I do not see anything like this around my area- and it’s a welcomed site- yes, I love the little white flowers in that picture. Not only does he get the BIRDS, he gets the amazing backgrounds too- it’s crazy cool- you are welcome, and thank you for stopping by!

  2. Oh you had to post this when I am camping and have terrible signal! But I can already see how fabulous these photos are! I am coming back to this post tonight after a bike ride and it is going to be how I relax, looking at all the lovelies in more detail and enlarging each one. You really must have been over the moon to get your hands on these. I am so glad you did. What a talented photographer!

    @Teens: Thank you Teeni, writing me made me feel gooooood. This guy seemed to capture all that I think is beautiful about this world. I’m so greatful that he he let me show these. I also “pinned” the link to this article at Pinterest just praying that fellow birding people will discover them too.

  3. Awesome Annie! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and for your thoughts! It was a beautiful and refreshing break from the daily grind! Love you!

    @Samantha: Thank you for taking the time to comment here. It means a lot to me and I’m so glad you enjoyed his work as much as I do- yes, a refreshing break- could not have said it better myself! ♥

  4. These are awesome pictures of a lot of birds I have never seen. They are all so beautiful! My grandma was a bird lover, I wonder if she had ever seen these beautiful birds. None the less, all these pictures remind me of my grandma and her love for nature. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    @Pumpkin Spice: I agree, of course- they are ALL beautiful. My mother, a few of my siblings, a few of my nieces are bird lovers – I was as a child, then lost it through the middle part of my life- then, by the grace of God just started to notice these wonderful little creatures again, and something in his photos struck a cord- it’s everything I love – they are truly one of God’s natural miracles- each one so unique and captivating. If it reminds you of your grandmother- than it’s a good thing and for that, I’m happy! Muahhh! ♥

  5. These are really amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this!

    @Me: Thank you for taking the time to comment – you are a sweetheart! I’m so glad you enjoyed looking at his photography!

  6. Awesome photos and wonderful commentary Annie. I really appreciate your posting this little flash of beauty. It’s a reminder of how beautiful the world can be. Mmmmmwah! :*

    @Rose: Gah, thank you for acknowledging and taking the time to comment on something so near and dear to my heart. What a wonderful way to sum it up – it is a reminder of how beautiful the world can be. It’s just “happiness”. I love and miss you! xoxoxoxo ♥

  7. Okay, I am home from my camping trip and could not wait to come back here and comment again on just how amazing these photos are! The colors, the backgrounds, the details on the feathers and the moss, oh my freaking goodness! I totally get the feeling of well-being you described because it is the only way to describe how I felt after viewing these. I am definitely going to visit his site and I am glad you put the link on Pinterest too so I can find it easily. I have to say that you may be making a birdwatcher out of me because now I really pay attention when I see them outside! 🙂

    @Teens: Aw, that’s so nice! It’s neat to know they are out there, those little birdies- everywhere- so beautiful and full of life. I love his pictures and am so glad you are noticing 😉 I got ya on my birding hook and I’m reeling ya in Teeni! LOL!

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