Houston, we HAVE a problem!

Whoot! A package for me!!!!

L@@k what arrived at my doorstep this afternoon!  Recently, I entered a contest to win this over at Aunty’s Tea Room, and I WON!   If you haven’t met her, I suggest you visit her because she is truly one-of-a-kind.  I’ve come to know her as “Teeni”, a remarkable person, writer, and artist.  Amongst her many talents is her mad ability to crochet.  She has started what she calls “Yarndango“, a weekly challenge for herself to crochet, knit, or even sew one amigurumi a week for a year.  She and her husband have recently adopted a sweet little boy kitty named “Chocolate Chip” and to offset his medical costs, she is selling a some of her unique crochet patterns.  Most patterns are free and you can even follow her on Facebook. She is encouraging others to join her by trying the challenge for a month and by participating you will make new friends who share the same passion for crafting and get the “Yarndango badge” for your blog.  What are you waiting for?  Don’t be shy, get over there!

I’ve never won a contest before, ever.  So imagine my happiness?  I opened the box and this is what I found!

My blue alien in his very own spaceship with a complimentary packaging peanut 😉

I took him out and introduced myself as his new human mother, and I told him he could call me Big Mama if he’d like.  He thought that was cool and told me his name is bLUe.

bLUe and I

But wait,… Houston, we HAVE a problem!  Teeni didn’t tell me her little alien had a bad habit.  This is definitely not right.

Bad Boy bLUe and his hand rolled smoke.

Some habits I can handle, like say – a chocolate habit for instance.  But smoking that whacky-tobaccy?  No.  Not in this house.

Bad Boy bLUe, busted

Here’s bLUe, enjoying his last smoke.  He doesn’t look happy but I have to keep him healthy, he is my responsibility now.

Thank you again Teeni!  I love him and will take good care of him!



10 thoughts on “Houston, we HAVE a problem!

  1. Omg! I didn’t know he had a habit!! LOL. That explains the strange smells I experienced in the mad crochet lab! Those little trouble makers! I wanted to apologize for not including a note in the package, I wanted to send you a little handwritten note but left it at home when I got to the post office! Oh, by the way, Blue is the name of one of those electronic cigarettes too so you know what you can use if you have to help him break the habit! ;). Love you and thanks for such a great post explaining the contest and everything. You are awesome. Love the photos of you two together!

    @Teeni: I knew you couldn’t have known or you would have kept him home and put him on the nicotine patch or given him some nicotine chewing gum before shipping him off. He’s wearing a teensy-tiny little patch right now. I just cut a corner off of one of the big ones I purchased at the pharmacy. I asked if they had any smaller ones and the pharmacist looked at me like I was an alien or something- ROFLMAO! Oh, it’s ok- about the handwritten note, it was sweet of you to even think that. Thank you! How ironic about the name of the electronic cigarette! bLuE is going to be just fine. If he kicks this habit, I’ll be so happy to introduce him to my granddaughter one day! She’ll think he’s a hoot! Thank you again!

  2. Ha – excellent! I won one too (just waiting to go collect him) so now I’m worried what I’ll have to put up with…

    **** That’s great, congrats to you!!! Good new is, he hasn’t smoked since -LOL! Hoping yours is the little alien angel!

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