Wishing I were a bird…

Fly Away

When I was a little girl, I vividly remember wishing I were a bird so I could fly, high above the tree’s where I could see everything!  Almost like a little spy.  Ahh, to be a bird without a care in the world ~ flitting around so happily ~ coming and going as I please.  I could spread my wings and take off at a moment’s notice I thought, and the adventures and possibilities would be endless.  So tiny, so fast, so light and gorgeously feathered!  What is not to love?  If the clouds high above were looking particularly fluffy & puffy, I could take a trip up and have the best view in town.  I dreamed that cloud would be so soft  that I would lay down and take a rest.  I’d be a tiny bird, resting in a cloud being rocked to sleep by a gentle breeze. ~Annebella


4 thoughts on “Wishing I were a bird…

  1. Ahh, that sounds wonderful. I wish I could be one too, now that you made it sound so good. And bonus, we get to poop on the heads of jerky people! ROFL!

    @Teeni: Wow, never looked at it like that before LOL! Great idea! Or sparkly clean cars 😉

  2. P.S the bird drawing is awesome, but so is the wonderfully detailed flower he is sitting on.

    @Teeni: I think that is the first bird drawing I’ve ever done….. a few years ago? I don’t remember. Thank you!

  3. It would be awesome to be a bird. I have always wanted to play in the clouds especially when they are strung across the sky like stepping stones…

    @Pumpkin Spice: Me too! What is it with the clouds. They are for the imaginative 🙂

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