Handmade Burlap Banner Tutorial

Here’s a little tutorial on how to make a burlap banner for any occasion.  Buy some burlap from your fabric store.  Make a template for your banner “flag” out of some cardboard.  Here is my template:

** please click on my thumbnail images to view a larger pic, hit the “back button” on your browser to get back to this page **

Next cut out your burlap and your scrapbooking paper:

I have a Cricut machine and easily cut out my black letters.  You could buy yours pre-cut or use your imagination the sky is the limit here.

Line it up and get ready to sew.  I’m not a “seamstress” whatsoever, but I can thread a machine and bobbin (*by following the picture guide that came with my $87- Walm*rt machine) LOL, and get ‘er done!

I LOVE to sew although I am not able to follow a pattern.  It’s like another language and I do not speak it.  LOL!  But a straight line you say?  I’m your girl!

Just grab a string at a time and pull to make some fringe, do it to your liking.

I did fold the top over to make a clean edge at the top.

I had this string on hand (what are the chances?) but you could use yarn or whatever you like – how can this go wrong?  Make it just as unique as you are.

Now it’s time to place my flags along the string by evenly spacing them.

Here’s the finished product:

I hope this little tutorial helped.  I made this for a woman who retired at my office and she loved it so much!  It only took a few hours to complete.  I think this is the type of project that you could bring to work and at least get it started by cutting out the papers and letters- that way you could assemble it at home and get it done much faster.

Have fun!  With Love,


6 thoughts on “Handmade Burlap Banner Tutorial

  1. Wow. It looks so much more difficult to do than it was. Maybe just cuz it looks so awesome. Or maybe you just have a good way of explaining it. I love this project and it would work awesome in a kids’s room or for parties, whatever. You are too cool. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

    @Teeni: Thank you so much. I actually enjoyed. I LOVE to sew those straight lines, LOL! It’s easy, I just did what felt right- no rules, and she seemed to like it! It could be made for so many reasons, so many reasons to celebrate life, right? XOXXO Muah! XOXOXOX

    1. LOVE YOU and your craftiness! My family is having a reunion in July next year in Gilman, Illinois. Is that far from where you are at? I am hoping we will be able to go to the reunion and come see you.

      WHOOOO HOOOOO! I googled it and it’s only 2 hours from me, piece of cake! I cannot wait to see you!

  2. I forgive you!! I really do love the banner, as Rosalie did too xoxo

    @Julia T: Perhaps I can re-pay you? Have any celebrational banner needs coming up? LOL! Please!??? Please let me make it up to you! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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