She did it again…

My daughter participated in her first 1/2 Marathon in Chicago on 7/22/12.  My niece Terri drove her all the way to Chicago the night before to get the materials, then drove her back the following morning to participate even though she couldn’t due to her ankle pain.

My sister Carol, on the left was there to support her daughter Andrea and my niece Terri, on the right was there for Lexi – funny, they run into each other at these races *pardon the pun*.  Look at the signs that Terri and Lexi made!  Could you ask for better family? No, you couldn’t.

Auntie Carol & Cousin Terr-Terr

My daughter & Terri have been training like crazy.  Lexi has been running on her own for only a short while due to Terri’s injury but I’m so grateful for the love and support she continues to show my daughter.  She loves my daughter and my daughter adores her.

The home stretch!
For those of you who do not know, a 5K is not “5 miles” *as I thought*, it is equal to 3.1 miles.  A 10K race is equal to 6.2 miles.  A half marathon is equal to 13.1 miles.  A Marathon is 26.2 miles.  How could anyone run that far?  It’s amazing I tell ya!
..and last but not least: my smart, talented, sweet, strong, beautiful daughter that I’m so proud of!.. I love you Alexis!  Keep on moving sweets!

3 thoughts on “She did it again…

  1. Your pride is just bursting thru your post!! What an amazing young woman you have.

    @Yankee, she has been doing 5K’s for quite some time, then the 10K and now this, I was taken back by it- so hard to believe someone could run that far- seems far to me for sure- and she finished in 2 hours 14 mins. Very proud, thank you!! XOXOXOX

  2. That is one determined little chick. And every time I see her picture, I see a tiny little you. 🙂

    @Teeni: LOL! Determined, YES! Where does she get it from? People tell me all the time that she is a mini-me. I think, she looks like I did at that age. But, … yeah, you know. 🙂 ♥♥ Love you sweet-hearted friend of mine ♥♥

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