What is “It”?

My gosh, to say that I’ve changed so much in the last 5 years would be an understatement.  Physical changes I’ve noticed have indeed made me cringe; gray hair, thinning hair, achy back, sometimes walking funny after being in a sitting position for too long which goes along with being stiff.  I’ve got some age spots on my hands and even on my face.  I have wrinkles, bags and sags all over the place.  I’m 42 and young at heart, but my aging body didn’t take note.  Then again, I don’t do my part to stay in shape like I should.  I plan on changing this.  I don’t think walking every single day is asking too much of myself.  I will not allow myself to keep making excuses, “I work the night shift so I’m too tired, It’s too hot outside, it’s raining, there aren’t enough hours in the day, I might get mosquito bites” or whatever ridiculousness I can come up with.

There are enough hours in the day – shoot, even if I just get my heart rate up for a solid 15 minutes a day!  Enough with the damn excuses, it’s pathetic!  There are enough hours in the day for me to love myself – it can serve as a reminder that I do count, I do matter.  This body is the most valuable thing I’ll ever truly own.  I gotta get on it.

So, to most youngin’s, it probably does sound a little sucky to get older the way the body goes.  It doesn’t have to be as severe as in my case – I chose to age this way by eating wrong and neglecting to do the right thing by myself.  Even if you are in shape, you can suffer some of the signs of aging, it’s the circle of life, right?  But, what I’m not mentioning is the knowledge, the wisdom, the inner-peace that I’ve gained over the years that completely  outweighs any signs of aging.  I’ve heard this over the years and never knew what it meant.

How can wisdom outweigh saggy boobs?!!!  LOL!  It just does.  It doesn’t have to outweigh saggy boobs, it can just be the icing on the cake to the person whom has taken good care of their body all their life.  But to the person with saggy boobs, work that wisdom along with a super supportive bra!  Either way; you get it, or you don’t.  I see plenty of men and women around me, in great physical shape for their age and think, “More power to ya!”  Some even have the wisdom that comes along with the years and I think, “Hey, double-edged sword~ you go!”.  There are some that just do not get it.  Those are the ones, the older ones that whether their body has aged or not, will try to drag you into their hate, anger, and pure ugliness.  Usually they end their sentences in an angry fashion or will end it with, “You know what I mean?”

So, you either get it, or you don’t.  How will you know if you get it?  Because the he said/she said will be a thing of the past.  All of a sudden you will see “it” and have NO COMMENT, replaced by a calm and peace in your heart.  All that petty, crappy, neurotic, hateful bullshit being spread all around you in your work, sometimes even in your own home environment, out in the world, just falls off to the side of you in a big heap of, “I could care less”.  When well intended friends tell you that “So & so hates you, and thinks you’re a total twit” just falls off to the side of you in a heap of, “That’s nice”.

It is wisdom, silence, positive energy, knowledge, power, love, and kindness.  It is God, truth, humanity, philanthropy, contribution, grace, benevolence, sympathy, tolerance, and so much more.

Do you have it?


3 thoughts on “What is “It”?

  1. Oh, I so have IT! And so do you! It’s funny you wrote this today because I made my own decision to get up and start exercising again. I am having to take it slow with my back. But you know what, I did 30 minutes on the Wii this evening and my back felt so much better. I did some of the yoga which felt so good! I am going to try and add a bit each day and I am going to start eating better! Not because somebody else wants me to but because I want to look and feel better!

    @jam: Whoot! Whoot! I get ‘cha JAM! I’m so happy for you. I’m going to keep at it too!

  2. I took a walk with my kids tonight because this post got me thinking about my need to get up and move around. I have had problems with my feet feeling numb, tingly, and swollen. Shoes bug the crap out of me because of this and it makes me not want to go for my morning or evening walks. My problems are from injuries I have had in the past that have caused some nerve damage. I used to walk every morning with my kids until this started really bothering me. I am going to try to get out there every night , now, and at least go around the block. I probably walked a half mile or so tonight.

    Glad you felt up to getting out! Good for you. Have a good night pumpkin spice 🙂

  3. Omg! You just put into words how I never could about the peace I have been feeling with myself. I am young at heart too and don’t ever want to grow up but where I am right now is soooo much better than the hormone filled rages, insecurities and pettiness and vanity that was mine when younger. Hell, I am still far from perfect but in some ways things are much better and I feel like I can view them from a better perspective. Awesome post!

    @Teens: How do I say this? THANK YOU FOR HEARING ME! Peace. Yes. I too, am so far from perfect but I feel really lucky to be able to keep trying to put my best foot forward because I know the more I do, the more it will become habit, and the happier my heart will be. Thank you!

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