Wrapping a gift with a little panache.

Lately, I’ve started to wrap my gifts with a little extra “Ooomph!”. How you say? Well, I take a brown paper grocery bag and up-cycle it! Cut all around the edges, cutting out the bottom portion of the bag to discard (recycle) until you get one long brown paper rectangle.

Gather up some cute rubber stamps and ink, some Sharpie markers, curling ribbon and whatnot and off you go! You can completely personalize this for family, friends, and loved ones. Write funny quotes. The Quote Garden is always a good place to gather up some much-needed quotes.

Here are three that I recently made for my friend’s Birthday. Summertime flower, bird, heart stamps with FUNNY quotes about friendship all over. she told me she didn’t want to unwrap them β™₯ Made my heart happy!

Lastly, I will share a really neat trick with you that I learned when I was little. You can make a baby foot print stamp by using your own hand. Just curl your hand up into a fist, dip bottom side of your fist (the pinky finger side) in ink or paint (see image below that I borrowed):

Flip it over and press onto your brown shopping bag paper and presto! You have the “body” for the baby foot. Just dip your index finger into the ink or paint and dot on 5 little toes where they belong. Recently I did this for homemade baby shower gift wrap and it turned out ADORABLE. Since the couple knew they were having a girl, I also took permanent Sharpie ink pen and wrote all over with scrolls “Baby Girl (Last Name)” and the couple loved the personalization. I wish I had taken a picture before I gave it away because it was the prettiest gift wrapping that I have ever done. Try it. Use a wide variety of color or different shades of one. Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Wrapping a gift with a little panache.

  1. What a neat way to wrap up a gift! I learned the baby foot thing in school, I had forgotten about it. I have rolls and rolls of wrapping paper that I usually use for my iris folding stuff. I hate to use it to wrap gifts, because I can make three or four cards out of what I use to wrap a gift. I will have to remember your idea!

    @Pumpkin Spice: Yeah, make your own- I know you have the supplies πŸ™‚ Rubber stamps and such use to cost an arm and a leg – but now they practically give them away for free at Michaels! Invest in a few cute ones and you’re set!

  2. I love these wrapping jobs! I wish I had just an ounce of your talent! I use the colored comics from the Sunday newspaper to wrap presents. That is about as creative as I get!

    @JAM: There is nothing wrong with using comics to wrap- that’s still a great idea! Thank you! XOXOXXO

  3. I love using brown paper bags for gift wrap. It is like a blank canvas. Sometimes just a leaf and some raffia make it look all fancy and earthy crunchy at the same time. Love all your ideas here. I have never used stamps before because I don’t trust myself to have it come out good or look even. But yours look great. I may give it a try. I sure couldn’t draw or paint like you so maybe the stamps will work for me!

    @Teeni: The leaf and raffia sounds wonderful! Teens, they now make these clear stamps and they are so so so cheap at Michaels- I got a whole boat load of them AND they were selling individual ink stampers for a low price also! You buy a clear block, then you buy these individually packaged clear rubber stamps – you just place the sticky clear rubber stamp on that hard acrylic clear block and THIS way, you can see where you are setting your image ~ the stamps come off the block and you can use other ones. πŸ™‚ Love, Love, Love it!

  4. Aahh,this is wonderful!! So unique and personal as you want to make it. Thank you!
    I just found your blog from a comment you left on Greta’s. So happy to have found it. Hugs, Jennifer xxoo

    @Jennifer: Welcome! I’m so glad you came by and thank you so much for the kind words! I don’t know how I stumbled upon Greta’s blog but I’m so glad I did – very interesting conversation taking place over there. I look forward to checking out your blog too! Thank you again!

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