Billy Joel

I have been told (by many) that I am, shall we say….  a little obsessed with the magnificent Mr. Billy Joel.  Why you ask?  I’m shocked that you even had to but since you have, let me fill you in.

I grew up in a large family.  Family holiday parties were big.  I can vividly remember one 4th of July party, playing badminton out in the side yard late at night with my older brother playing his Billy Joel record out the window.  It was loud, everyone was enjoying themselves and it’s safe to say that it is a childhood happiness that I will always remember.  My mom’s favorite was always “Just the way you are” and I can recall her singing this.

As I’ve grown, his music has followed me all through my life and I love it.  Once older I was able to examine his lyrics and I realized what a brilliant and talented writer he is.  He is old school, he is a story-teller, with a beautiful voice; sweet when necessary and gruff too.  He is my piano man.  As an adult, I learned that I could also relate to many of his lyrics.  “I go to extremes” strikes a chord in me being that I have a tendency to think black and white, ALL or NOTHING.

Funny, I have so many of his CD’s that I’m constantly finding new songs (to me) that I had never heard before and am loving them as if they were just released.  My husband jokes that every time he gets in my car, it’s the same Billy Joel CD playing and that I need to find something else to listen to.  I don’t want to, and… I don’t have to either 😉  I listen to all sorts of artist’s ranging from Thomas Dolby to Maroon 5 to Country and a bit of everything in-between so it’s not like he’s the only artist I’ve listened to my whole life– but he is the ONE, that will always be my favorite.  Billy Joel is stamped into my soul and he is a part of who I am.  That is a fact.  He is real, he is/was “ahead of his time” in so many ways, and he’ll never be a sell-out.  He’s true to himself and puts it all out there- his arrangements and voice are glorious to me!

I could write a novel about how each one of my favorite songs of his has touched me in such a deep and profound way – but really, that’s my story to keep.  Whether it’s the River of Dreams- the lyrics that tapped into something so haunting and personal I will take it to my grave, to the lyrics and insane instrumentals of The Downeaster ‘Alexa’, to the simplicity of “Leave a tender moment alone”.  I love him as a person for the never-ending gift he has given me, and he will forever be my favorite musician.

Here’s a link to an unfinished drawing I did that was inspired solely by him.  The following is a t-shirt that I made for myself.  Someone asked if I was making it because I was going to his concert?  No, I made it just to have it – something just for myself.  I’ve never been to his concert – I cannot imagine, it’d probably give me a ♥ attack to see him live.  Here’s the front of my shirt:


Here’s the back of my shirt:


It took me a week to make this shirt but I love wearing it.  And that my friends, is why I have always had a special place in my heart for Billy Joel and why I always will.  I am always going to be in complete AWE of his work.


3 thoughts on “Billy Joel

  1. Love Billy! My favorite album is the bridge. When I was 15/16 we briefly moved from Texas to Connecticut and I remember popping that tape in my player with my headphones on, sitting at my drum set attempting to learn how to drum. It was a failed attempt mind you but it kept me out of trouble!

    @JAM, as long as it kept our sweethearted girl out of trouble! LOL! It’s hard to move to another state isn’t it? Especially as a teenager? We moved to Kansas when I was 12 and it was a little traumatizing to say the least. I met great friends and we stayed for 6 years – – but there’s no place like home, and it wasn’t Kansas for me 😉

  2. I Anne. Glad to be connected with you again. I miss you my dear friend 🙂

    Anyway, I was still a kid in 80s so I can’t hardly remember his song but if I hear one I know I can remember…got to google hahaha!!!

    @Jeanny! Oh, I’m so glad to catch up with you and I’ve missed living vicariously through all of your adventures! LOL! I’m sure if you google his songs, you will know them. I’m 100% confident 😉 ♥ you sweet heart!

  3. I read this post earlier but ran out of juice on my iPad when I wanted to comment. I love your “relationship” with the piano man. So glad he was with you for so many times in your life. He is so talented and I have loved every song he’s done. I think he definitely has accomplished even more than he set out to do in his career and touched so many with his music. Your t- shirt is fabulous and definitely does him great honor.

    @Teeni: Me too sister girl! I love my relationship with him too, thank you so much! I wear my shirt all the time, LOL!

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