6 thoughts on “Ice Cream Social at Work!

  1. We really need to get together…I love doing bulletin boards too! I am sure you already knew that though…you did a great job on that! Those ice cream cones are so cute! Can you imagine what we could do together? We Would have so much fun!
    Have fun at the ice cream social!
    I love your header too!

    @Pumpkin: Yes, I’ve seen yours and love them too – it’s like a blank canvas, just waiting for good cheer! Thank you for the sweet words. I WISH we lived closer- there really is NO TELLING what you and I could do together! I imagine you and I would have soooooo much fun hanging out. Thanks!

  2. These are adorable! I love all the detail on the sugar cones! I think the look wonderful against the blue background. You are so talented! Plus it looks like something that would be fun to work on. I am glad you got to break out those watercolors! Now I have to go check out those fruit salad cones. But, knowing that they are on Pinterest means I could be gone for a few hours. Thanks a lot! LOL

    @Teeni: ‘aint that the truth about Pinterest? That is the most amazing website! I love it! Thank you!

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