Saying “So Long”…

This is my son, saying “So Long” to his beautiful 7 month old daughter before going on his first deployment in the Air Force.  Hopefully he will only be gone from his wife and daughter (and our family) for 4 months.

I hope he knows how PROUD I am of him.  For being in the US Air Force and giving of himself, for being an excellent person, for always ALWAYS being a kind, considerate, responsible son, for being a wonderful husband, and for being a phenomenal father to our very first granddaughter.

Even though he and his family have been living out-of-state, him leaving for another country has me feeling something that I’ve never felt before.  I will keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers until he returns and I cannot wait to get my hands on him, his wife, and their sweet baby girl.  I miss you David.  I love you so much.  I’m so proud of the man who you have become!  God bless you!


3 thoughts on “Saying “So Long”…

  1. When I was little my dad was gone like that quite a bite with his job. Hopefully the 4 months will fly by for all you. I will keep you all in my prayers.

    @JAM: My gosh, I think this same thing and more so for his wife and I thank you for those prayers. I hope it fly’s by for him too – evidently it’s HOT & humid. 110•+, ewwww- with uniform, God bless them all- you don’t think about all they do or go through.

  2. That is such a heartwarming/heartbreaking photo at the same time. Add my wishes and prayers to yours for his safe and quick return to his family. What a fine and good looking young man you have raised. 🙂

    @Teeni: Thank you! It makes me feel like he is closer to home just knowing there are ppl are offering up prayers! I appreciate it more than you know!

  3. What a sweet picture! That baby is adorable! I will keep them in our prayers too.

    @Pumpkin: Thank you! I appreciate it, it means more to me than you know 🙂

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